Can you cut scaffold boards

You can’t cut scaffold boards when erecting a scaffold tower because each member of the scaffolding system is made with specific measurements and purposes for a specific function. Cutting the scaffold board makes the structure unstable and therefore a health and safety hazard to everyone around the construction site.

There are no strict prohibitions on cutting scaffold boards and they can be reduced in size when working with a tiny space that does not allow for an entire board to be set up. You can cut the boards if you are working on a DIY project like creating furniture, shelf and raised beds, among others. Scaffold boards are quite versatile and cutting them allows you to customise the measurements for whatever you’re trying to create.

Scaffolding board in a truck

Who can cut scaffold boards

In case any adjustment must be made on the planks, a scaffold engineer is the one to make the changes. Any adjustment being made on any scaffold tower component must be done by a qualified professional and must fall in line with the adjustments allowed by management.

After the alterations have been made, a thorough inspection of the entire structure is carried out to ensure its functionality. Among the tests carried out is a load test to confirm the plank can handle the weight placed on it.

When it comes to a DIY project, you can cut the scaffold boards accordingly depending on what you’re working on. There’s a lot that you can make with scaffold boards meaning there’s no limit to the most suitable length.

What are the types of scaffold boards?

There are several materials used in making scaffold boards. They include the following:

  • Laminated Veneer lumber(LVL)
  • Solid sawn lumber
  • Fabricated scaffold deck
  • Wood scaffold platform
  • Metal scaffold platform
  • Fabricated scaffold plank.

What to do after cutting scaffold boards

After scaffold boards have been cut, either into two or the required size, metal end bands are added at the cut ends, and they will be good as new. Cutting up the scaffold boards does not reduce the functionality of the boards in any way, but the cut boards will have lesser use as they have been reduced to a fraction of the original size.

For other purposes other than scaffolding, you can sand the edges to smoothen them out depending on what you’re trying to create. But for something like a raised bed, that won’t be necessary.

What saw to use for cutting scaffold boards

There are a number of choices when looking for a suitable saw to use when cutting scaffold boards. The best options to choose from are the chainsaw, skill saw cross-cut saw, and reciprocating saw. This equipment should be handled with care and should be used by persons with experience to avoid any injuries.

With the potential risk involved in using altered scaffold components, it is advised to use the boards as provided by the manufacturer unless under special circumstances. The contractors and employer have to ensure the equipment, especially after modifications, has all been thoroughly examined before being approved for work.