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Scaffolding boards must follow industry standards and safety measures. Whether you want to find out what are they made of or even the dimension or the safety bit, you can do so by studying one of our guides below.

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Can you use scaffold boards for fencing

Scaffold boards are versatile when it comes to their uses. Here’s why they’re suitable for fencing.
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Can you use scaffold boards for flooring

Apart from providing a sturdy working platform, scaffold boards can be put to various uses. Find out whether scaffold planks are suitable for flooring.
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Why are scaffold boards banned

Even after being outlawed close to seven years ago, the sale of non-compliant scaffold boards is still dominant in the market.
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What is the scaffold board width, length & thickness

There are different varieties of scaffolding boards in the market. Here are the standard scaffolding board dimensions you should expect to come across.
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What are scaffold boards made of

Scaffold boards are essential for providing a safe and steady working platform for workers during construction. Find out what scaffold boards are made of here.