What is the cost of scaffolding for guttering

The average cost of scaffolding for guttering is £300. This is a one-off price for most projects because gutter repair doesn’t take long. However, the price can go up to £500 depending on the size of your property and the amount of scaffolding required.

Here’s all the crucial information related to the cost of scaffolding for guttering.

scaffold tower for chimney and gutter

Factors affecting the cost of scaffolding for guttering

Guttering involves working at height, making scaffolding a crucial requirement. Scaffolding for small jobs like gutter repairs can be completed within a short duration, however, this doesn’t mean you should expect it to be cheap. The tradesperson you hire for the repair job can include the cost of scaffolding in their job quote but if you want to source scaffolding separately, here are the different factors that you should consider.

Property location

London is one of the areas where the pricing for scaffolding for guttering is more on the higher end. For instance, here the costs start from £350 instead of £300 like in most areas. Depending on the nature of your project, you can opt to work with small local scaffolding companies instead of the big international ones so as to save costs.

You should be careful when considering their level of expertise and the quality of their services to avoid hiring someone who isn’t qualified.

Project duration

How long the gutter repair takes will determine the scaffold hire duration. This means if the project takes a longer duration, you’re bound to pay a significantly higher amount. You can agree on a weekly rate or a fixed amount for the whole project.

Ease of access

You will need a single vertical scaffolding tower for gutter repairs. If scaffolders can easily access your property to put up the scaffolding, it will cost less compared to if they have to overcome hurdles to put up the scaffolding.

Public access restriction

If your property is listed or located in a conservation area, it’s going to cost you more to erect scaffolding because you’ll have to apply for planning permission. You should ensure that your scaffolder has all the necessary documents before embarking on any work.

Do I need planning permission for guttering?

Usually, planning permission is not necessary for guttering. However, depending on the type of scaffolding you intend to use, it’s advisable to talk to your local authorities first. If your property is located in a conservation or listed area, you should seek approval from the local authorities before embarking on the project.

If the guttering overhangs the neighbouring property, the Party Wall Act will come to play. You need to formally notify your neighbours of the work that’s to take place. Depending on the situation, your chosen scaffolding company should advice you accordingly.

wide scaffolding for a gutter repair on a barn

Price list for scaffolding for guttering

Most of the time, scaffolding for guttering is a small job that doesn’t cost much, so you might find scaffolding companies charging more than the average price of £300 to make it worth their while. Here’s a table showing the various scaffolding costs that you might incur along the way.

Item descriptionAvg. cost
Guttering scaffolding£300/week
Scaffolding per day£20 per m2
10m single scaffolding£600/week
Planning permission£10 to £50

On average the scaffolding for guttering costs is £300, you should be able to budget accordingly to fix any leaking gutters. You should ask around and inquire for free quotes from various scaffolders to get a good deal for your project. Above is a table showing various costs that you should consider.