How much does it cost to hire a scaffold tower

The cost to hire a scaffold tower for one day is £19. The tower is 0.85m wide and 2.2m high. The rent for 2 days is £26.60 or £38.00 per week. So paying per week is more cost-effective. 

Planning to rent a tower? Scaffold tower hire prices are mainly influenced by the height and the number of days you want it to rent. The longer you rent, the less it costs you per day. That is why you are better off renting a scaffold tower per week. In this tower scaffold hire cost guide, we break down the price of each tower and give practical cost-saving budget tips so you spend less than you have to.

Mobile 3.5m Bosh scaffold tower

Rent scaffold tower for £38 p/week

Scaffold towers are a more versatile option compared to traditional scaffolding. Scaffolding structures are crucial for any ongoing construction project. You to be able to reach different heights that are otherwise unreachable by using a ladder.

Factors affecting the cost of scaffold towers

The hire costs of a tower scaffold vary constantly because of the many factors involved when getting to determine what you should expect to pay. We delve into some of these factors that affect the cost of scaffold towers;

Tower size and height

As expected, the higher and wider an access tower is, then the more expensive it will be. This is what you averagely pay when getting a scaffold tower:

  • A large scaffold tower (up to 10.2m) is £160 per week
  • Medium scaffold tower(up to 5.2m) is £86 per week
  • Small scaffold tower (up to 2.2m) is £38 per week

Length of hire

A period of six to eight weeks is specified by most scaffolding services and a fixed sum is charged for that period. If a project has not been completed by the set time, an additional weekly rent is going to be charged by most firms after an agreement is made.

Public access

To erect a scaffold tower on a public road or footpath, you will require a license from the local council since you will be restricting public access. It is quite costly to acquire these licenses and this makes finding a low rental price scaffolding tower even more important.


The price of acquiring steel, fibreglass, and aluminium mobile access towers differs. Fibreglass scaffolding towers are the most costly. Being non-conductive and non-corrosive makes them essential when working around electricity. Aluminium towers are slightly cheaper but are more flexible, practical, durable, and easier to use compared to steel. Steel scaffolding towers are the cheapest but also the strongest. They are cumbersome to move and are inflexible hence predominantly used where workers are dealing with large and heavy loads.

Walking levels

An increase in the number of walking levels also means an increase in the price. When painting, cladding, or plastering, several levels will be required. For a roof repair job, fewer boards are needed since the work is being done from one level.

aluminium bosh 12.2m scaffold-tower
12.2m Scaffold tower

Cost vs traditional scaffolding hire

The hire costs for a scaffolding tower is significantly lower than traditional scaffolding cost. The hire cost for a basic tower can be as low as £38 per week compared to traditional scaffolding which costs up to £300-£600.

Scaffold tower hire price list

Scaffold Tower Lenght
Cost per week
Very small – 0.85m wide x 2.2m high£38
Small – 0.85m wide x 4.2m high£76
Medium – 0.85m wide x 6.2m high£96
Tall – 0.85m wide x 10.2m high£160
Same price for 1.45m wide towers

Get the tower for the above prices

Let’s wrap it up, In average you will pay more if you are renting for a shorter than a week. So the cost per day starts from £19 for small 2.2m tall tower. The price goes up to £80 for a 1-day tower which is 10.2m tall.