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Scaffold Tower Hire Cost Revealed

To hire a scaffolding tower in the UK, you should expect to pay £20-£150 a week. Scaffold tower hire prices are mainly influenced by the height and limit of the access. More and more people are getting to accept scaffold towers as a more versatile option compared to traditional scaffolding. Scaffolding structures are crucial for any ongoing construction project for they help workers and scaffolders to be able to reach different heights that are otherwise unreachable through using a ladder. Scaffolding towers have a close resemblance to traditional scaffolding but there are still some differences.

large scaffold tower

What is the difference between scaffolding and scaffold towers?

Traditional scaffolding generally refers to a temporary structure that’s made up of walking boards and metal poles. Access towers are a particular type of scaffolding that is made of prefabricated components. They are mobile and can be used both inside and outside.

Access towers are fairly easy to set up and hiring them is much cheaper when compared to hiring the traditional structure. A scaffold tower is a wonderful option because of the simplicity in its use and erection and they also allow you to access unreachable areas.

Factors affecting the cost of scaffold towers

The hire costs of a tower scaffold vary constantly because of the many factors involved when getting to determine what you should expect to pay. We delve into some of these factors that affect the cost of scaffold towers;

Tower size and height

As expected, the higher and wider an access tower is, then the more expensive it will be. This is what you might averagely pay when getting a scaffold tower:

  • Large scaffold tower(up to 10m) around £160 per week
  • Medium scaffold tower(up to 5m) around £90 per week
  • Small scaffold tower(up to 2m) around £45 per week

Length of hire

A period of six to eight weeks is specified by most scaffolding services and a fixed sum is charged for that period. If a project has not been completed by the set time, an additional weekly rent is going to be charged by most firms after an agreement is made.

Public access

To erect a scaffold tower on a public road or footpath, you will require a license from the local council since you will be restricting public access. It is quite costly to acquire these licenses and this makes finding a low rental price scaffolding tower even more important.


The price of acquiring steel, fibreglass, and aluminium mobile access towers differs. Fibreglass scaffolding towers are the most costly. Being non-conductive and non-corrosive makes them essential when working around electricity. Aluminium towers are slightly cheaper but are more flexible, practical, durable, and easier to use compared to steel. Steel scaffolding towers are the cheapest but also the strongest. They are cumbersome to move and are inflexible hence predominantly used where workers are dealing with large and heavy loads.

Walking levels

An increase in the number of walking levels also means an increase in the price. When painting, cladding, or plastering, several levels will be required. For a roof repair job, fewer boards are needed since the work is being done from one level.

scaffolders erecting a tower
scaffolder erecting a scaffold

What are the advantages of using a scaffold tower?

From cost to general convenience, the number of reasons why scaffolding towers have become popular among tradesmen and homeowners is plenty.

Quick and easy construction

Construction of a scaffold tower has to be done safely and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is nonetheless quite straightforward to do and some can even be assembled by one person. It takes approximately ten minutes to assemble a moderate-sized tower.

This is not the case for traditional scaffolding, which is time-consuming and extremely labour intensive even for a group of people to put up. This makes the cost of hiring traditional scaffolding even more expensive.

Work in comfort

The scaffold platforms provide adequate room to stand or kneel and also keep essential tools right next to you. This makes it easy to work at heights for extended periods. Compared to using a ladder, you can use both hands to work when working with a scaffolding tower.

Cost vs traditional scaffolding hire

The hire costs for a scaffolding tower is significantly lower than traditional scaffolding cost. Hire cost for a basic tower can be as low as £30-£40 per week compared to traditional scaffolding which may cost up to £300-£600.

Drawbacks of scaffold towers

Choosing a scaffold tower can’t only be done while considering the obvious advantages. There are also some other important considerations that you need to take into account when deciding whether to use an access tower.

Susceptible to wear and tear

The light materials used in scaffolding towers can be quite liable to wear and tear over a span. The consequences of this are potentially very detrimental. The conditions of the tower components should be inspected carefully before any construction.

Unsuitable for windy conditions

A scaffold tower cannot be used in windy conditions seeing that it is a light and temporary structure. It is advised that if wind speeds reach 17mph, then the work should halt and the structure should be taken down. Traditional scaffolding on the other hand can remain erected in all conditions.

Scaffolding towers require suitable terrain

To be used safely, a scaffold tower requires to be set up on a flat surface. Sloped surfaces or even a mix of surfaces such as gravel and grass prevent a scaffold tower to be erected safely. The wheels can be adjusted to help it remain stable but this does not reduce the risk.

If you are looking to tackle a commercial or challenging house project, then a scaffold tower can be a very useful tool to have. It is also advisable to have an estimated cost of the scaffold tower before you begin handing out your money. This knowledge will help you have a better understanding of what to choose and also prevent you from making any regrettable decisions.

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