How to erect scaffolding over a conservatory

Scaffolding is carefully set up around the conservatory using aluminium beams that are used to create a platform that bridges over the roof. The work area is boarded around the edges to increase safety when working over a conservatory, and handrails are safely installed.

erected residential scaffold

Scaffolding is pitched over conservatories for various reasons, such as accessing the property roof area, gutters, facias and soffit, and windows. Erecting a scaffolding system over a conservatory is a complicated task and will require you to use some specialised equipment to reduce the risk involved.

Bridging over a conservatory

A bridging system is an access platform assembled to use when working over conservatories or when looking to access windows or gutters. After being assembled to the desired length, the bridge is lifted onto the supports, which are stabilised by leaning against the walls. The handrails and floorboards are the last to be fitted onto the structure.

An advantage of using the bridging system is that it is very lightweight and can easily be assembled by two people in fifteen minutes. With the platform having adjustable heights, it is flexible enough to work with various projects.

Can I stand on my conservatory roof

It’s not advisable to stand on a conservatory roof because the main idea behind its construction is aesthetics. The roof is lightweight and unable to handle large weights therefore, standing on the roof will damage the roof if not breaking it completely. With the risk involved, hiring scaffolding for the job is safer rather than having to incur more unnecessary and avoidable repair expenses.

Can you use crawl boards on conservatories

Crawl boards can be used to provide easy access when working on conservatories or roofs. They are planks that have cleats that are spaced and secured to provide safe access to workers. However, they’re not meant to support equipment or heavy loads. Considering how risky it is to stand on a conservatory, it’s advisable for workers to use crawl boards instead.

Hiring a qualified professional for the job will ensure that all the safety precautionary measures are followed to the latter. With the right know-how, it’s easy to erect scaffolding over a conservatory and ensure that you have a safe and sturdy working platform.