FAQs – Questions to ask about scaffolding

Tool Hire

tall one man scaffold tower
scaffold tower

1. Can I collect the equipment from the store?

Yes, You can order online and collect the tool from the store.

2. How much does the tower Cost?

The day rate for a scaffold tower is £19 and to hire for a week, it costs £38.

3. Do I need to pay a deposit?

A deposit is required for a non-account customer. It will be charged together with the hire price and returned after hire completion.

4. Do you do same-day delivery?

Yes. Most equipment can be delivered the next day. It may not always be possible so contact us first to confirm.

5. How much do you charge for the delivery?

The delivery charge is based on where you are located. The further you are the more it will cost. This is calculated at the point of sale. Visit our shipping and delivery page for more information.

6. Do I need to provide ID?

Yes, When hiring you will need to provide two forms of identification documents.

7. How do I return the equipment?

Normally a collection date will be set at the point of order. So a driver will come and collect the equipment at the end of your hire period. Or you can just drop it at the store.

8. Do I need to clean the equipment?

Yes, Any equipment returned dirty will incur a cleaning charge.

9. Can you build the scaffold yourself?

Mobile Scaffold towers are easy to assemble so yes you can. When you want to erect something more complex you will need a scaffolder. Erection is included in the price.

10. How do I return or Refund my equipment?

You can find all the required information on our Return and refund Policy page.

Proper Scaffolding

1. What is the cost of hiring scaffolding?

The scaffolding cost is up to £180 per day. If it a long-term project you will pay less per day. The best way to find out exact price is by getting a quote.

2. Do I need any training to use scaffolding?

Yes, you do. All scaffolding should be erected and used by competent and trained persons. If it’s work that needs to be done at height, it’s advisable to hire trained experts for the job. If it’s a project that needs something like a ladder, you don’t need any training, however, you should be careful to avoid any nasty falls.

3. Do you need a permit?

For most equipment not. If you are hiring scaffolding and it falls on a public road, you will need a permit.

4. Will You cause damage to my property?

When erecting scaffolders are trained and aware to look after your belongings and other areas of your property like the garden and TV satellite.

5. How do I make a complaint?

When you feel like we have not delivered our service up to your expectation, please let us know. You can make your complaint by emailing us at complaint@scaffold-tower-hire.com

6. Do you follow any safety measures?

Yes. Scaffolders are trained to ensure that they adhere to the recommended safety precautions. This includes ensuring the scaffold tower is properly erected and safe to work on. They are also required to have protective gear such as helmets, harnesses, gloves, etc.

7. What measures do you take if one of your workers doesn’t follow the safety procedures?

If any of our workers don’t adhere to the safety procedures necessary action will be taken to ensure that all safety measures are met to the letter. All competent scaffolders know the importance of adhering to safety procedures and not compromising anyone’s well-being.

8. What do you do when there’s a damaged component on the tower?

The first thing is to ensure that no one is on the scaffold tower then replace the faulty component immediately. Frequent inspections are done on scaffolding to avoid such incidents and any accidents that might arise from any damaged or missing parts.

9. What are your Policies?

You can find our terms and condition on this page, policy page over here,