Hanging and Hanger Scaffold

Also known as a hanging scaffold, a hanger scaffold is suspended from a static structure in the vertical plane. This type of scaffolding can’t be adjusted and it’s best suited where scaffolding can’t be erected from the ground. Due to its unique design and purpose, the hanger scaffold is categorised under particular duty scaffold category.

Hanging scaffold

What are hanger scaffolds used for

By using the part of the property for supporting the scaffolding, hanger scaffolds are practical for buildings that are still undergoing construction and also for carrying out maintenance and repair work.

Unlike a standing scaffold, a lot of attention is paid to whether the structure on which the scaffolding is to be attached on can support the weight of the scaffold and its load. This is a result of the entire weight on the scaffold structure being placed on the support structure.

Are hanger scaffolds commonly used

The use of the hanger scaffold has been widely adopted in construction in the UK all over the world, especially in situations where other types of scaffolding aren’t a viable option. This is because of the convenience offered by hanging scaffolds when working on a project.

Ensure your scaffolder has all the right licenses and permits before assigning any tasks. This assures you of professionalism in the workplace and also a better quality of work to an extent. Provided all conditions have been met, you are guaranteed good results on the project at hand.