How do scaffolding alarms work

The scaffolding alarm will work using motion sensors to trigger the alarm. Some of these are programmed not to activate if the movement is from animals or due to poor weather. There are also infrared scaffolding alarms which are activated when the light beams detect body heat from anyone trying to access the site.

Scaffolding with an alarm sign on front

A scaffolding alarm is used to provide a temporary security solution. Thefts are common on construction sites and can cause huge losses to the contractor and property owner. A scaffold alarm system installed at the construction site ensures the perimeter is secured.

Scaffolding provides easy access to unreachable areas, thus making the construction vulnerable to vandalism. Installing a scaffold alarm system will help you mitigate that risk. If you have any insurance, this will show that you’re taking the necessary steps to avoid that risk.

What’s the advantage of having scaffold alarms

Considering how you can’t tell when your place is about to be vandalised, scaffold alarms will give you a heads up. The alarm system has features that make it easy to dictate any intrusion. You should ensure that detectors surround the first level of your scaffold. Here are some of the benefits of having scaffold alarm systems.

1. They have motion sensors

It is common for construction sites to attract vandals, but having reliable scaffold alarms helps curb this. With the motion sensors in place, intruders can easily be detected, thus preventing any theft. The workers are at risk if a piece of equipment or scaffolding component is stolen. It might also cause accidents for other people nearby.

2. Can be programed not to activate from motion from animals

Considering most systems have motion sensors, they immediately activate in case of any movement. They can also be programmed to not go off from movement from animals. The cameras will provide reliable visual verification, thus avoiding any false alarms from wild animals or birds.

3. They enable remote monitoring

Most security systems come with cameras that enable remote monitoring. This ensures a timely response in case of any intruders.

4. For insurance purposes

Most insurance covers mandate proper surveillance when it comes to construction projects. This will also show your insurance provider you’re dedicated to taking the necessary construction site security measures. With the scaffolding alarm system, there will be a swift response in case of any attempted theft.

scaffold alarm sign

What to consider when choosing scaffolding alarms

When choosing a scaffolding alarm for a construction site, there are several things you need to consider when determining the best reliable option. You should consider the functionality of the alarm system before settling for it. They include:

  • Safety
  • Functionality
  • System’s accuracy

You should ensure the security system chosen doesn’t become a tripping hazard. It’s advisable to opt for wireless scaffold alarms because with such, there is no risk of having workers tripping on cables.

You should ensure that the entire system gives accurate readings. This will help avoid any false alarms. You should ensure that the alarm and sensors are activated to detect any intruders.

Scaffold alarms are essential in ensuring the premises are secured. The type of system you choose should be reliable and efficient.