How many scaffold boards do I need?

You need at least two scaffold planks placed alongside each other to provide a suitable work surface when working at height. The height of the scaffold tower will determine how many boards will be required for the project.

Multiple scaffold boards loaded in a truck.

The surface between the rear and front guardrails should be covered entirely by planks to prevent injuries and provide sufficient space for the personnel to work freely. When being installed, the scaffold boards must be secured to prevent any kind of movement during use.

If you’re thinking of using the boards for DIY purposes, whatever you intend to make will determine the number of boards needed. For instance, a deck will need more boards compared to garden planters.

Which scaffold boards to use

There is a notable difference between construction-grade lumber and scaffold-grade lumber. Scaffold-grade lumber is of a much higher quality as it is lumber that has minimal defects, more than six rings per inch, and for southern pine, a one-inch grey slope to the side of every fourteen inches lengthwise. In addition to this, the board must be thoroughly inspected, graded, and marked clearly by a third-party agent if they’re to be used on scaffolding.

For DIY projects, reclaimed scaffold boards will effectively serve the purpose. However, depending on how you intend to use the boards, you can opt for treated ones since they tend to last longer. When using reclaimed boards for DIY, it’s advisable to sand them for a smooth surface depending on what you want to make.

Factors that determine how many boards are needed

During scaffolding, the height of the scaffold tower is an essential factor when it comes to determining how many boards are needed. Employers are expected to ensure the scaffold is constructed up to standard. Scaffold boards must be of the required quality and should always be used in plenty without limiting the construction workmen.

When it comes to scaffold boards for DIY projects, some of the factors that will determine the number of boards needed include the following:

  • Nature of the project
  • Your budget
  • Size of the planks

From the above, be it scaffolding or DIY, the nature of the project is crucial in determining the number of boards needed. Even though you can use reclaimed or new boards for DIY projects, new boards are preferred for scaffolding because they need to be without fault and sturdy enough to provide a safe working platform and regularly inspected by a competent expert.