Easy 9 Steps on how to build a scaffold tower

To build a mobile scaffold tower, you have to know how it’s done and how to erect the tower safely. Being suitable for all kinds of jobs that involve heights, both professionally and at home, scaffold towers are a great way to access unreachable heights safely without using ladders. If your tower is for personal use, you don’t need to be a qualified professional to set it up. You, however, need to be physically capable, able to follow instructions, and most of all, confident.

In background erected scaffold tower

If the tower is for professional construction work, you must adhere to the working at height regulations. You should also follow the health and safety guidelines for working with scaffold towers. Generally, your equipment must be suitable for the job and constructed and properly managed. Scaffold inspections should also be carried out regularly by a trained and competent person.

Build a mobile scaffold tower in 9 STEPS

Although it is possible to erect a scaffold tower on your own with all the materials, it is much easier to work as a team of perhaps two or more. Here are the steps and precautions required to set up a secure scaffold tower.

1. Attaching the castors

When building a scaffolding tower, the first step is attaching the castors to the first scaffold frame. Once this is done, ensure you lock the brakes to prevent movement.

2. Installing the horizontal braces

To secure the two sides together, you will need to install the horizontal braces. Putting these in place will give you a sturdy rectangular base.

3. Check if the scaffold tower is level

Constantly using a spirit level to check if your scaffold tower is level is advised. Your structure mustn’t lean to one side, as this is a potential health and safety hazard.

4. Installing the first level

Once you are done with the base of the tower, you can now begin the first level. Your scaffold frame will likely feature ladders that allow you to go up and down the scaffold tower. Constantly refer to your manufacturers’ guide to ensure they are installed correctly.

5. Installing diagonal braces

For the stability of the scaffold tower when building the first level, you will need to use diagonal braces. These assist in retaining the tower’s stability and ensuring the rectangular shape is retained.

6. Installing the scaffold stabilizers

Once you are done with the first level of the scaffold tower, then the scaffold stabilizers should follow. Each corner of the scaffolding tower has one stabilizer. These protect you from any potential danger before the scaffold tower reaches a significant height.

Aluminium scaffold tower

7. Adding a work platform

You will need to install another work platform for standing on before adding any other braces and scaffold frames. It is essential to ensure that this is fully secured to prevent slips and falls. If you are using a Through The Trap Door scaffold tower, you need to ensure that it has the correct placing and orientation.

8. Installing the guard rail

There is an advanced guard rail system in most scaffold towers for added safety. Before attempting to climb the tower to continue building, you should ensure that guard rails have been installed.

9. Add remaining scaffold frames and work platforms

All that is left to do now is to add the remaining work platforms and scaffold frames until the desired height has been reached.

Erecting a scaffold tower shouldn’t give you much trouble with all the steps in mind. You should ensure all fastenings have been tightened securely and the appropriate PPE and fall protection gear are worn to ensure you are safe from potential dangers. By following the instructions, your secure scaffold should be set up and ready for work at heights in no time.