How to climb up scaffolding

When climbing scaffolding, you should ensure that you have a three-point grip. This way, you’ll have either two feet and one hand on the scaffold or one foot and both hands in contact with the scaffold. When climbing, it’s advisable to lean closer to the frame. Leaning further could cause the scaffold structure to tumble on you.

small scaffolding structure

Scaffolding is used to provide safe and easy access when working at height. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when climbing scaffolding. To avoid any accidents, only qualified and competent persons are allowed atop scaffold structures.

Do you need PPE when climbing scaffolding

Since you’ll be working at height, it’s advisable to have all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) when climbing scaffolding. Some of the PPE you’ll need include the following:

  • pair of gloves
  • safety boots
  • hard hat
  • safety glasses

When climbing scaffolding, a pair of gloves will help you have a better grip, thus avoiding any fall because of slipping. The safety boots should have nonskid soles and good impact and compression resistance. A hard hat will help protect your head from any falling object as you climb the scaffold.

Climbing scaffolding might look easy, but you should ensure you’re well equipped, skilled, and authorised to do so. This will help avoid any bad accidents because of ignoring the recommended safety measures.