What does scaffolding cost for Loft conversion

The average cost of hiring scaffolding for a loft conversion in the UK is £50-£150 per day. The price of scaffolding hire depends on factors like the type of conversion and type of scaffolding you need and whether a scaffold loading bay is required.

  • A quote from a local scaffolders allows you to accurately plan and budget for your project
  • Cheaper – Quote from a local company have less overheads hence passing savings to you

Loft conversion scaffolding is needed to support the construction materials, and construction workers and provides secure access when working at height. Depending on the loft extension type that you’re having, your builder might require scaffolds for easy access to unreachable areas. This is what you need to know about scaffolding for loft conversion scaffolding and what affects the cost including how you can reduce it.

Erected scaffold for loft conversion in residential area with a roof cover

How much does scaffolding cost for a loft conversion

In UK It cost £50-£150 to hire a scaffold for a loft. This price isn’t fixed as it will vary from one scaffolder to the other. The type of conversion you’re having is among the things that will determine whether you’ll need scaffolding and how much it will cost.

Dormer windows

Scaffolding can be used to safely access dormer windows for maintenance or repair purposes. The scaffold should be properly erected by a professional company, following all safety guidelines and regulations. Once in place, the scaffold should provide a stable and secure platform for workers to access the dormer windows. Falls from height can be dangerous so before beginning any work on the scaffold, it is important to ensure that all safety equipment, such as harnesses and hard hats, is properly used and worn.

Some of the other factors include the following;

  • The type of loft conversion
  • The duration of hire
  • Height of the scaffold 
  • Location of the property
  • Ease of access
  • The type of scaffold material

The type of loft conversion

There are several types of loft conversions ranging from Rooflights, Dormer extensions, Hip to gable to mansard lofts that you can opt for. Scaffolding provides easy access for the construction workers from outside, and it also reduces disruptions since there will be more than one access route.

The number of stories you intend to add to your extension will also determine what you need from the different types of available scaffolding. This will equally determine the price you have to pay.

The duration of hire

This will be determined by the duration of your project. The longer your project takes, the more the scaffolding hire will cost. 

Number of working platforms

A taller scaffold will cost more because this means more scaffolding material and time and effort used to put it together and dismantle it once the extension is done. The more the number of working platforms, the more it will cost.

Location of the property

If you want to put up scaffolding in a conservation area or listed property, you might need to apply for planning approval. This means you’ll incur additional costs alongside the price you’ll pay for the scaffold.

Ease of access

How easy is it for your scaffolder to erect the scaffolding? For safe scaffold erection, the base needs to be stable and smooth. If the scaffolder is finding it hard to access a levelled base to put up the scaffolding, it means your hire duration will be more and more time will go into preparing the ground, thus costing you a pretty penny.

The type of scaffold material

From bamboo, steel to wood, there’s a variety of scaffolding materials to choose from. However, each scaffolding material varies in cost; hence it’s something you should consider when choosing the scaffolding for your extension

Do you need scaffolding to install Velux windows?

Ease of access will determine whether you need scaffolding to install Velux windows. Velux windows, also known as skylight windows, can be easily fitted from the inside, and so in most cases, scaffolding will not be needed. However, scaffolding will be required if the access is difficult and hence expect to pay a few more pounds if need be.

Before a property owner embarks on the loft conversion project, they should consider the cost of scaffolding, the time the project will take, the accessibility of the property, and the location of the property. It’s also advisable to check with the local planning authorities on the requirements needed to have the scaffolds erected. Your builder should be able to tell you whether your project requires putting up scaffolding or not.