What is scaffold tower maximum height

Scaffold towers can be put up in different shapes and sizes to a maximum height of up to 12m. The ratio between the base and height of a scaffold tower are directly related to its height and stability. The scaffold tower is more likely to be more stable and steady with any extra height added on top if it has a wider base.

12m mobile scaffold tower

Maximum height for Aluminium scaffold tower

The maximum height of a high-quality aluminium scaffold tower is 14m. This is for a tower that has single and double widths and is equipped with platforms and wooden toe boards. The maximum working height of this model for interior work is 14m and exterior work is 10m with a tube thickness of 1.6 mm and a maximum load of 750 kg or 250kg per platform

The maximum height for a mobile tower

A safe mobile scaffold tower’s maximum height is between 10m and 12m. This calls for the need to comply with work at heights regulations which include supervision by a competent person, appropriate edge protection, and a stable structure. It’s advisable to adjust the height to a maximum of 4m when moving the tower from one spot to the other.

Tall Big Ben covered in scaffold
96 meter high Big Ben covered in Scaffold

What is the safe working height for a tower scaffold 

A safe working height for a tower scaffold is between 10m and 12m. A safe working height should have the following characteristics; 

  • Easily accessible. 
  • Proper risk assessment has been done
  • The scaffold tower should be erected correctly, safe to move around, and can be easily dismantled. 
  • Should be erected and used by competent persons. 
  • Should adhere to the health and safety policy. 
  • Clearance has been given by relevant authorities to proceed with the work. 

Maximum height restrictions for scaffold towers are the guidelines provided by the manufacturer as the main source of reference because most scaffold towers are modular in design which means they can be assembled to precise user specifications having individual components which fit together as desired.