What is the difference between modular and tubular scaffolding

The main difference between modular and tubular scaffolding is the assembling of the scaffolding. Tubular scaffolding is connected with couplers and clamps, modular scaffolding uses posts that are interconnected at predetermined levels.

scaffold covered using yellow netting


Also known as prefabricated or system scaffolding, modular scaffolding is a modern type of scaffolding that is assembled using prefabricated accessories without necessarily using bolts, nuts, and wedges. 


On the other hand, the tubular scaffold is a conventional type of scaffolding that uses tubes in assembling the scaffold. It is important to note that both Tubular and Modular do not use nuts and bolts in assembling them.

What are the advantages of Modular scaffolding?

Modular scaffolding is prefabricated and uses the tube coupling method. This makes it easy to assemble. This simply means less time is used in the assembly process leaving more time to work.

It can be adjusted according to use hence it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its versatility makes it more preferable in different industries; be it construction, refinery, or transport.

The prefabricated steel tubes used in modular scaffolding are galvanised, making it long-lasting. This ensures that it can withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain and heat.

The shape of the modular scaffold makes it easy to store after takedown.

Modular vs Tubular scaffolding

It’s a modern type of scaffoldingIt’s a conventional type of scaffolding
It’s assembled using prefabricated accessoriesIt uses tubes in assembling the scaffold
It uses the tube coupling method making it easier to assembleIt takes time to set up

Whichever scaffold you decide to settle on, you have to consider factors such as project duration and budget. However, the most important aspect is ensuring safety during your project.