What is the narrowest scaffold tower

The narrowest tower is the staircase scaffold tower which is compact enough to use when working on stairs. It can be used indoors or outdoors to safely access unreachable areas. Narrow scaffold towers allow builders to work effectively in compact spaces.

Explore various narrow scaffolds and important things you should consider before getting a narrow scaffold tower.

1. Staircase scaffold tower

With a 600mm wide frame, the staircase tower is the narrowest tower and it’s compact to allow ease of usage in small or tight spaces. The tower is also lightweight to allow movement from one spot to the other. This tower can also be used outside like the standard scaffolding. It is best suited if the working height is 4.2m because it can only be used up to 2.2m platform height.

2. The one-man scaffold tower

Another narrow tower that you can use either for DIY projects or simple repairs is the one-man scaffold tower. One person can easily assemble and disassemble it because it’s specifically designed for lone workers.

Its compact size allows it to fit seamlessly in narrow doorways, and it can also be transported in a small van. It allows four platform heights, creating a working height range of three to eight metres. However, just like any other scaffold, you should ensure that you have the know-how and expertise before operating or erecting scaffolding to avoid accidents.

3. 750mm standard tower

Considering how projects vary, you can opt for the 750mm width scaffold tower if the standard 950mm is too wide for your project. You can always adjust the platform depending on the perfect working height for your project.

4. Room mate tower scaffold

Painters scaffold

Perfect for interior decor and maintenance work, the narrow room mate scaffold tower is an industrial room platform and tower system that you can consider. Being 775mm wide, the tower can fit comfortably in standard doorways and corridors. It also has safety features like guard rails and footboard.

How wide is a narrow tower?

A narrow tower is approximately 600mm wide. This means it has adequate space for at least three boards for the working platform. Such a tower can have a minimum width of 500mm because it only needs to carry the person working on it, not storing materials. Such a width can also be used for the passage of materials. If the tower is to be used for the storage of materials such as building bricks, it needs a width of at least 800mm.

The type of project you’re working on will determine whether you need a narrow scaffold tower or or standard scaffolding. If you are still unsure what size scaffold tower you need give us a call. Knowing that the narrowest tower is only 600mm wide, you can easily plan your project especially if it’s a DIY.