Ringlock Scaffolding System

Ringlock scaffolding is a new system designed with prefabricated components, each manufactured to be installed in a specific location. It’s the most widely used construction scaffolding system with a direct plug scarf and self-locking function. It’s also called Layher scaffolding.

Ringlock scaffold

How do you install it?

The scaffolding system is considered a simple structure with fewer installation components. However, the installation MUST ensure proper process and the right way to create a solid, stable, and effective working structure.

The major components are ;

  • Vertical post
  • Horizontal and truss ledger
  • Base jack and base Columbia
  • Intermediate transformers
  • Starter base collar

The following ensures the installation process is successful;

  • Installation should be done by qualified personnel.
  • Carry out planned instructions of the structure and follow the sequence of the process steps.
  • Fully prepare components according to the structure diagram before installation.
  • Evaluate the construction site first, so if there are problems, e.g., landslides, the soft soil will have a timely solution.

Advantages of ring lock scaffolding

  • It has a super good bearing capacity
  • Flexibility is high
  • It can be used for round, curved or straight structures
  • Wheels can be used to move scaffolding from one point to another.

What does it cost

Ringlock scaffolding costs start at £12 per piece. The total amount you spend will vary depending on the type of project you have underway. The longer the tower, the more pieces you’ll need meaning it will cost more. The cost will also vary from one contractor to the other because you need to factor in things like transportation costs, among others.

Ringlock scaffold standard size

Ringlock scaffolding ledgers are made from OD 48.3mm scaffold tubes with ledger ends, cast steel, wedge pins, and rivets. Hot-dip galvanization is done too. This scaffolding system provides a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different industries. Size can be customised using a high-strength standard steel material and a high-quality welding process.

Ringlock was invented with a simple structure but possessed many outstanding advantages that have proven its high applicability. You can be assured of cost construction performance and safety regardless of the requirements since up to 80% of the materials are reusable. Ringlock, compared to cuplock, enables workers to set up work with ease, speed, and efficiency, saving on time and labour costs.