Roof saddle scaffold is used for repair jobs

A roof saddle in the scaffold is a structure that is erected over a roof’s ridge and it acts as a foundation when putting up scaffolding. It’s especially used when repointing or repairing chimneys. Scaffolding is meant to provide a safe and secure working platform when working at height and having a roof saddle aids in that.

scaffold reaching a chimney on a roof level

How to use a roof saddle in scaffolding

A roof saddle is used to ensure safe access when using scaffolding for minor repairs. When using it you should ensure that the roof is strong enough to support the scaffold weight and any other equipment that will be used during the repair.

For small repair jobs, roof scaffolding is essential because it provides easy access to unreachable areas. Depending on the type of project you have underway, your contractor should establish whether a roof saddle will be necessary.