Temporary Scaffolding For The Roof

Scaffolding for the roof is required for repair jobs, ease of access and safety. It’s advisable to use roof scaffolding for any roofing job to avoid the risk of any safety hazards. So if you need one get a quote.

temporary scaffolding roof cover over a residential building

Find out your project cost by getting a quote

Some homeowners might opt to do their own roof repairs, you need to consider your proficiency in undertaking the task to avoid endangering your safety. Also, if you end up doing the roof repair poorly it might end up costing you more, hence it’s advisable to work with a qualified contractor. But what do you need to know about roof scaffolding and what are some of the circumstances where it’s necessary?

Do you need scaffolding to replace guttering

You will need scaffolding to replace the guttering. For clean and neat work to be done, you will need to use scaffolding during the replacement of the gutters. If the gutters are not too high then the alternative which is ladders can be used.

Do you need scaffolding for roofing

You need scaffolding for roofing especially if there’s no easy access to the area that needs to be worked on. If the work to be done is easily accessible from the inside then one can just use a ladder which is also a type of scaffold for minor and simple work. You should ensure that the ladder is well secured to avoid any injuries. As a guide price roof scaffolding will cost you from £400.

The Health and Safety requirements and the Work at Height Regulations 2005 govern when scaffolding should be necessary. Also, if there’s the possibility of damage from elements, the scaffolding company you hire can have temporary roof scaffolding which will prevent any damages.

tin hat roof

Can you work on a roof without scaffolding

The only time you can work on a roof without scaffolding is if there’s easy access to the roof from inside or if there are stairs leading up to a low-pitched roof or a flat roof. Although scaffolding will cost you an extra, it’s essential in ensuring that whoever’s doing the roof job has easy access, is safe, and works more efficiently.

Do you need scaffolding for chimney installation and repairs

You need scaffolding for chimney installation and repairs. The cost of chimney scaffolding from ground level is £650p/w and to rent a scaffold just around the chimney is £250 per week. Chimney repairs and repointing are among some of the roof jobs that require scaffolding. To ensure the safety of the construction workers, working platforms are installed on every side of the chimney.

If you have the expertise needed, you can also do chimney repairs as a DIY project. However, you need safe scaffolding access to avoid any possible hazards. Most of the time, planning permission isn’t necessary to erect scaffolding for reporting a chimney.

Do you have to wear a harness

You will need to wear a harness if the roofing is up high from the ground. Wearing a harness is an extra precaution a roofer takes when the work is a bit tedious and needs extra support. The harness allows the roofer to move around the roof safely and easily.

What are your legal responsibilities when working on roofs

For every construction project, it’s a requirement to follow the building regulations requirements. You should also be well informed of the Work at Height Regulations 2005. Depending on the type of roof work that needs to be done, you should ensure that proper risk assessment is done to avoid any hazards.

Scaffolding is one of the essential considerations when it comes to new roof installation or roof repairs. If you were wondering whether roof scaffolding was necessary for your project, you’ll find some of your answers discussed above. You also get a view of some of the safety measures to put in place like using a harness and some of the legal responsibilities. But with a qualified scaffolder, you won’t have to worry about them adhering to the Health and Safety laws.