8 Scaffold board decking ideas

When using scaffold boards for decking, there are several ideas that you can consider to make the most of your garden space. It’s a cost-effective solution because you can opt for either new or reclaimed boards for your decking. It’s an efficient way to create additional outdoor seating space. Here are eight different designs and scaffold board decking ideas that you can implement on your property.

1. Incorporate a terrace into your deck

large terrace

Having a terrace is an ideal way to make your deck safer especially if you have small children. The railing clearly defines the outdoor seating area and you can make them using reclaimed scaffold boards too. You also have the option to paint it so that it can match the overall decor theme.

2. Adding lighting

Lights on a pergola

You can have solar lighting fitted on the vertical side of your scaffold plank deck especially if it’s raised. This will ensure that someone can clearly see where they’re stepping especially when it’s dark. It’s also ideal for creating the right mood and fun space for your garden.

3. Integrate the decking into the steps

You can integrate the decking into the steps by building them using the scaffold board material used to build the deck. This is especially perfect if the deck isn’t on the same level as the deck. It’s advisable to use the right anti-slip material to avoid any unnecessary accidents during wet seasons.

4. A sunken deck with walls

You can opt for a sunken deck with ground-level walls for a cosy seating space. You can build the wall to look like narrow planters so that you can incorporate flowers into the setting for a more appealing aesthetic. You can also make comfortable seating using scaffold boards.

5. Add a firepit slot to your deck

live fire pit

Your deck doesn’t have to be a boring space. You can take it up a notch by adding a firepit at the centre and some comfortable seating around it. This is a perfect way to create an outstanding focal point for your patio. Not to mention all the cosy evenings you will have with such a creation.

6. Consider having an outdoor cooking area

You can have an outdoor cooking area on one end of the deck. This area should be raised so that the equipment can be fitted. Scaffolding boards are easy to clean making them the ideal material for a kitchen area. Also, they aren’t easily damaged by falling objects like plates or mugs.

7. Different decking levels

Another idea that you can implement is adding levels to your decking. This way, the layout won’t look flat and you can plant flowers around the structure. When implementing this idea, you should remember that having a deck exceeding 30cm above ground will need planning permission.

8. Paint your decking the same colour as your exterior

If you’re not a fan of the rustic look bare scaffold planks have, you can paint your deck the same colour as your exterior. It’s advisable to ensure the surface is thoroughly cleaned during preparation for a smooth finish and to avoid leaving any patches. Once this is done, you can decorate the space by adding flower pots and a cosy patio chair. You can get as creative as you want when personalising the space.