6 Scaffold board fence ideas

Scaffold boards are used to make a sturdy working platform when working at height, but they also make the perfect material for fences. The boards are made for outdoor use and they are also quite durable. Here are different scaffold board fence ideas that you can explore.

1. Picket fence

old brick English house with a white picket fence

Perfect for gardens, pool enclosures and front yards, picket fences are one of the practical ideas you can implement using reclaimed scaffold boards. The pickets are short and pointed at the top preventing intruders from climbing over and the wide spacing also allows you to see through.

You can customise the height and space between the pickets to prevent any pets or children from getting stuck. Depending on your preferences, you can decide to paint the boards or retain the natural wood colour for a more rustic look.

2. Louvered fence

With a louvered fence, the scaffold boards can be arranged vertically or horizontally depending on your design preferences. Apart from giving the privacy needed, they also allow free airflow in between, something scaffold boards require.

The design also allows good visibility and sunlight for your garden flowers and plants to flourish. If you’re looking to have a modern look for your patio, garden, pool area or dec, then this is an idea worth considering.

3. Post and rail fence

post and rail fence in autumn scenery

Another fence idea that is suited for scaffold boards is having a post and rail fence. Ideal for large properties and farms, this design allows a clear definition of boundaries. However, it doesn’t provide any security because intruders can easily cross over.

4. Closeboard fence

brown featheredge fence in England

Also known as featheredge fencing, closeboard fence is another idea you can implement using reclaimed scaffold boards. The boards are arranged vertically overlapping each other thus providing much needed security, privacy and protection from strong winds.

Even though closeboard fences are available in different heights, the common one is 1.8m. However, it’s advisable to check with your local authorities to determine whether there are any height restrictions. Such a fence is ideal for pet owners and it also prevents outsiders from gaining easy access.

5. Shadowbox fence

With the shadowbox fence design, the boards are arranged vertically in a way that they create a shadow effect. The boards are placed alternating each other on both sides with a space in between to bring about the shadow effect.

This type of fence is pretty durable because scaffold boards are known to be sturdy and you can also opt for treated boards for increased longevity. Although the design looks solid when viewed head-on, you can see through when viewing from an angle. Overall, it’s an appealing design for any exterior.

6. Hit and Miss fence

Almost similar to the shadowbox fencing, hit-and-miss fencing is yet another option that can be implemented using reclaimed scaffold boards. The boards are arranged horizontally alternating from the front and back sides with gaps in between.

The gaps allow free airflow and sunlight. From afar they look solid because one can’t see the gaps unless they come closer, thus ensuring there’s enough privacy.

Boards are not only great for making a fence, you can also make many other things from boards. With the unique ideas pointed out above, you can now put your reclaimed scaffold boards to use. You also have to option of using new boards depending on your preferences. Considering how versatile scaffold boards are, you can choose different lengths or finishes based on your preferred design.