5 Scaffold board garden ideas

Scaffold boards can have a wide range of uses in the garden. Depending on what you want to make, you can opt to use treated or untreated boards. You can also decide to use new or reclaimed boards. Here are some interesting scaffold board garden ideas that you can implement to spruce up your exterior.

1. Raised beds

three raised beds in a garden

Reclaimed scaffold boards are the perfect material for making raised beds. You can plant flowers and have your garden looking neat. If you’re a gardening fanatic, raised beds would make the perfect spot for growing plants and veggies. They are also pretty easy to maintain.

Since the boards will be exposed to water, you can opt for treated boards so that they last longer. You can also paint the boards when making the raised beds to achieve a unique aesthetic for your garden.

2. Making pergolas

Pergola with lights

For a nice, quiet spot to chill with your friends and loved ones, you can make a pergola in your garden from reclaimed scaffold boards. You can plant vines and crawling plants next to your pergola or hang flowers in pots to make the area more appealing.

If you want it to have a rustic look, you can opt for used boards. This is a cost-effective way to create more living space in your garden.

3. Making planters

flowers in a wooden planter

You can make cute planters to place in your garden using boards. You can get creative when choosing the perfect shape and size for your planters. They are a good alternative to raised beds and you can also paint them if you want to.

4. Outdoor table

Scaffold boards are perfect for making a rustic outdoor table for your garden. Think about a space in your garden where you can enjoy beautiful lunches with your close ones. You can also make benches to go with the table for a complete set. Considering how sturdy scaffold boards are, you get durable furniture for your outdoor space.

5. Sunken lounge area

Another way you can spruce up your garden is by making a sunken lounge area using scaffold boards. You can customise this seating area to your liking. A fireplace would also make the area ideal to relax in the evening.

With the different scaffold board ideas highlighted above, you can easily upgrade your garden and make it more appealing. Using scaffold boards is also quite affordable if you’re not looking to break the bank.