What is the scaffold board width, length & thickness

The standard scaffold board width is 225 mm, 3.9 m length, and 38 mm thickness. The dimensions might vary depending on the project you have going on and the type of board you opt for. You can opt for scaffold boards that meet the Grade A standards, or the BSI standards(BS 2482). The best quality boards are either visually graded or machine graded.

We’ll check out the dimensions for various scaffold board types. Some of the scaffold boards varieties include the following:

  • B.S.I. standard boards
  • Grade A boards
  • Fire retardant boards
  • Steel boards
  • Plastic boards
Scaffolding structure using wood boards

How long are scaffold boards

Scaffold boards are available in varying lengths ranging from 1.5m to 3.9m. So the longest scaffold board is 13ft ( 3.9meters ). They can be purchased in different lengths considering all projects aren’t of a similar nature. Depending on the type of material you’ve chosen, the length will equally impact the weight, considering the width and thickness are similar for most.

How much weight can a scaffold board hold

The maximum safe weight scaffold board can hold is 75 pounds (34 kg) per square foot ( meter ).

DutyWeight per square foot
Light25 pounds (11 kg)
Medium50 (23 kg)
Heavy75 (34 kg)

Light Duty – 25 pounds per square foot.
Medium Duty – 50 pounds per square foot.
Heavy Duty – 75 pounds per square foot.

How wide is a scaffold board

All scaffold boards have a standard width dimension of 225mm. This measurement is regardless of the material or nature of the project.

What is the thickness of a scaffold board

The thickness of a scaffold board is a standard dimension of 38mm regardless of the scaffold material used.

How much does a scaffold board weight

The scaffold board weight can range from 7.7 to 20.0 kg. This weight will vary depending on several factors like the length and how the boards have been stored especially timber scaffold boards. The table below gives a clear illustration of how the weight varies with different scaffold board lengths for Grade A, B.S.I. Standard boards, and Fire retardant boards.

Scaffold board dimensions for Grade A, fire retardant, and B.S.I. Standard boards

The weight of steel scaffold boards is different from the others irrespective of their similar lengths. The table below gives an illustration of the weight you should expect with each length.

Scaffold board dimensions for steel scaffolding boards
Plank next to lorry

Scaffold board compliance

Scaffold boards are tested to ensure that they comply with certain standards. Grade A boards are tested to meet Grade A standards, whereas B.S.I Standard boards are tested to ensure they comply with the BS 2482:2009 (British Standard). The two can be visually or machine graded, which is marked on the board as ‘VG’ or ‘MG’.

The Grade A standard boards offer a support span of 1.2m, while the B.S.I. standard boards can have a support span of either 1.2m for the visually graded and 1.5m for the machine graded. Although the support span is different for the B.S.I. boards, the scaffolding board dimensions are the same.

Although timber boards are available as banded or unbanded, you’ll find that most have a metal band for protection against any impact damage. The band can also be branded to include the following:

  • British standard code
  • Supplier id/logo
  • VG or MG indication(to show whether it was visually or machine graded)
  • Support/target span(usually written in metres)

The fire retardant scaffolding boards are tested in compliance with the BS 476 Part 6&7(British Standards). These boards are categorised into Class 1 or Class 2 depending on the amount of smoke produced when burning and how the flames spread.

Both are inflammable but class 2 has been tested and found to produce less smoke and no droplets or particles when burning.

Plastic boards are tested in compliance with the BSEN 12811-1:2003 standards. They’re also quite durable compared to the timber scaffolding boards.

Best suited for harsh environments, steel boards are tested in accordance with the BS EN 12811-1 compliance.

Your scaffolder should be able to choose the right dimensions for the scaffolding boards. They should also be keen on the support span as it determines at what length the scaffolding planks should be supported to avoid any unfavourable incidences. So remember the standard scaffold board size is a width of 225 mm, a length of 3.9 m and a thickness of 38 mm.