Scaffold board hire

Hire scaffolding boards for £2 per week at Scaffold Tower Hire. You can rent them in the following sizes 8ft (2.8 meters), 10ft (3 meters) and 13 ft ( 3.9m). This is cheaper than hiring from big chain online stores.

truck loaded with scaffold board and planks

Call now to rent for £2 a week

Renting planks

  • Perfect for creating scaffold staging so you have a safe working platform which means the builder can place down his tools and have a higher reach.
  • Quick delivery service so you can get it the very next day
  • Choosing a local company means you get it cheaper and friendlier service than going with big online chain stores.
  • Trestle Scaffold – Boards are often used with trestle scaffolding to set it up which means you can get them too.
  • Comes with end band to protect boards from splitting

Hire Price

1£2.00 + VAT
3£2.00 + VAT
7 (a week)£2.00 + VAT

Whether you rent it for 1 day or 3 days it cost the same as renting for a week. So it makes sense to rent for a whole 7 days ( week )

Available Boards

  • 8ft board which are 225mm wide and 38mm thick
  • 10ft board 225mm wide and 38mm thick
  • 13ft board 225mm wide and 38mm thick

Call now to rent for £2 a week