4 local scaffolding companies in London

There are many good scaffolding companies, and picking appropriate scaffolders for your project can become tiresome. If you are looking to hire for the first time. There are many scaffolding companies in London to choose from, and if you are not careful, you could end up with an unqualified scaffolding contractor on your construction site. A good temporary scaffolding structure should meet all the set government requirements, and the scaffolders should have good reviews from previous customers. Let’s look at the following list of scaffolding companies you should consider hiring.

So when you need scaffolding in London the following 4 companies will serve you as a good starting guide for your search.

1. Griffin scaffolding company London UK 

With over 50 years of expertise being active in the business, Griffin Scaffolding is among the leading scaffolding companies in the UK. The team at Griffin scaffolding is CITB attained, meaning that safety and professionalism is a guarantee when choosing to work with them 

Apart from scaffold hire, they have other comprehensive services that put them on the top. These include;

  • Erecting the scaffolds – You do not have to worry about erecting the scaffold if you’re not skilled enough. 
  • Dismantling the scaffolds- They dismantle the scaffold after you’re done. 
  • Ready support- Griffins scaffold offers close supervision, meaning that they are readily available in case of anything. 

According to them, service is just as important as product quality. 

2. Beacon scaffolding

Beacon scaffolding is another company to opt for if you’re in London or its surrounding areas. With over three decades of experience in scaffolding, they offer high-quality products and services. 

Their team comprises CITB-certified scaffolders that will guide you through your project. They handle both domestic and commercial scaffolds. It doesn’t matter how small your scaffold needs are, they will sort it out. 

Beacon scaffolding includes erections and dismantling in their services. If you’re unsure of the type of scaffold to choose, contact them for a guide and a free quote. 

3. BG Scaffolding UK

BG Logo

BG scaffolding is also among the leading scaffolding companies in the UK. With over 40 years of expertise in the field, they offer excellent commercial and domestic scaffold services. Whether you’re a newbie or know enough about scaffolding, they still guide you through the whole process. 

They offer scaffolds depending on your need; these could either be domestic or commercial scaffolds. Their team of professional scaffolders also handles the erection of the scaffolds and dismantling them once the project is done. 

Some of the scaffolding services they offer include design and calculations, traditional scaffolding, temporary roofs, system scaffolding, costing advice, a suspension access platform as well as a 24/7 emergency service.

4. Scaffold Tower Hire

Scaffold Tower Hire Logo

Or you can choose our shameless self promotion. Scaffold tower hire is another great option to get scaffolding services. Whether you want a movable or fixed scaffold for your project, they have a qualified team of scaffolders who will ensure that your safety is guaranteed.

Scaffold services they offer include;

  • Erection & scaffold dismantling
  • Scaffold planning
  • Designing,
  • Maintenance
  • Renting towers and scaffolds
The customer reviewed his service

Some of the scaffold towers you can hire include the one-man tower, advanced guard rail towers, staircase towers, and the cantilever scaffold tower.

Although many companies offer scaffold services, these are just some of the top companies that you can consider when looking for scaffolding experts. It is essential to contact scaffold contractors to guide you before buying or renting scaffolds. These are our pick of scaffolding companies, did we miss any should we list any other company? Let us know.