Scaffolding Harness – Why and when should you wear one

A scaffolding harness is a height safety equipment recommended if you’re working above four metres without any stable working platform or if your scaffold has no edge protection. A harness reduces the risk of falling when working at height. The project being undertaken will determine the most suitable option. Is it a full-body harness, or a fall arrest harness? Unlike the latter which can risk spinal injury, full-body harnesses are recommended as they distribute the fall’s force, thus protecting your entire body. Here are some of the things you need to know about harnesses and when to use them.

Scaffolder wearing a harness

Do you need a harness on scaffolding

You have to wear a harness when scaffolding to avoid any falls since you’ll be working at height. It is easy to overlook the use of safety harness kits, especially when working on home projects or one-time projects. Depending on the type of scaffolding being erected or in use, a scaffolder should be able to determine whether a harness will be necessary.

How long should the scaffolding harnesses last

A scaffold harness can last for approximately five years. This period is not standard as it will depend on the quality and model. Other things like the maintenance, extent, and frequency of use will determine the duration it will last. Depending on the type you take, it might have a warranty or an indication of the recommended lifespan of the equipment.

Is harness a PPE

A harness is considered PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) because it protects against any falls when working on high grounds. It’s an arrest and fall prevention equipment that involves tying the harness to a lanyard. The lanyard isn’t long enough hence the scaffolder doesn’t get to the fall risk area.

Is training necessary to wear a safety harness

You need to be trained to wear a safety harness. With the necessary knowledge you need on the equipment and how to use it, it will be easier to safely operate and avoid any falling hazards.

Scaffolders wearing harness

At what height is fall protection necessary

Fall protection is necessary when working at a height of more than 6 feet. You should consider the duration the workers will be exposed to the risk, the height they’ll be working, and how to provide a safe solution.

Is a harness necessary on a ladder

A harness is not necessary on a ladder. However, if you’re trying to reach a place that’s four to six feet above, you might want to consider it. A qualified scaffolder should be able to determine when it’s necessary.