Best scaffolding to use for stairs

When you are working on a staircase, you need the best scaffolding for stairs to do your job. You should ensure that the scaffold you choose can properly fit in the space where you’ll be working. Whether you are going to wallpaper a stairwell or paint walls, get the job done right with one of these practical scaffolding options.

1. Stairwell towers

stairwell scaffold tower

This aluminium stairwell tower is perfect. It is the recommended option because it is safe and you have a working platform to put down your tools and paint. These towers come in 2m, 3m and 4m heights. They are quite narrow, so the tower fits perfectly for the stairs.

Scaffold Tower heightPrice per DayPrice per week
2.2m high£19£38
Medium 4.2m high£38£76
Same price for 1.45m wide towers

2. Ladder leveller for stairs

You got narrow stairs? Perhaps you work often on stairs and renting stairwell towers doesn’t make sense for a quick job? That is why you need this alternative option and it is much cheaper. Use a ladder and install a safety accessory such as the one in the video. There are other devices to level the ladder, such as from ProVisionTools the downside is that this particular doesn’t fit typical UK stairs. So better go with a device that allows for adjustment since stairs are different.

3. Combination ladder with a platform

A ladder on its own may not cut it. So get a ladder that comes with a platform. A combination ladder can be made that provides a working platform just like a regular scaffold. The downside is that it is not suitable for all stairs since some are with turns and others are narrow. Perhaps skip the platform part altogether and paint the stairwell using only ladders, just like this guy.