Single or Bricklayer Scaffolding: What is it used for?

Single scaffolding is also known as bricklayers scaffolding, it is one of the most common methods of scaffolding. It is a method that has been most welcome by practitioners of brick masonry. This method is used for simple construction projects and is not recommended where a complex structure is involved.

erected single scaffold

Scaffolding for bricklayers

Putlogs are used in bricklayer scaffolding, giving this scaffolding method the name putlog scaffolding. The putlogs being used are directly connected to the building under construction. This ensures that the scaffold structure is rigid when construction work is ongoing.

This scaffolding is considered safer to use as the risk of the structure falling apart is significantly reduced by the putlogs. The structure also has an added resistance to factors such as harsh weather.

There are a number of components that are joined together to make this structure. Here are some of the components that are used.

Components of single scaffolding

To successfully set up a bricklayers scaffolding structure, the following components are necessary:


A putlog is a transom with a flat end on one side that connects the putlog to the hole in the wall.


A ledger is a horizontal tube that acts as the link between two standards. A double or right-angle coupler is used to fix the ledgers.


Standards are the vertical tubes that are put in the Scaffolding structure.

erected bricklayer scaffolding for masonry wall

Challenges facing single scaffolding

A major drawback that is encountered when this scaffolding method is used is the fact that after its use, holes are left on the walls of the structure. These come about as a result of the putlogs that are inserted into the walls of the building for support. These give the construction workers the extra work of having to go back and cover all the holes that had been created for the scaffolding.

The height that can be achieved by a single scaffold is limited. This is because of the nature of the scaffolding structure.

Compared to other scaffolding methods, there are no significant advantages to using bricklayer scaffolding over other scaffolding methods. It is recommended to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of any scaffolding method before applying it to your construction project. This will always ensure you make the right choice when it comes to the preference of scaffolding to use.