Tubular Access Scaffolding System

Tubular scaffolding is a convectional form of scaffolding that is time and labour intensive. It is a highly flexible system that can adapt to almost any kind of complex structure but offers the kind of platform a project demands.

Tubular scaffolding system

Parts & Components of tubular scaffolding

Tubular scaffolding uses just four basic parts for set-up.

  • Tubes – different sizes and lengths to offer utmost adaptability
  • Standard coupler – connect horizontal tubes to vertical tubes
  • Adjustable coupler – connects diagonal tubes to the scaffold
  • Base – the foundation on which a scaffolding system is erected

Uses of tubular scaffolding

Tubular scaffolding is used in refineries, petrochemical plant environments, and power plants.

Load calculation

Line load capacity is calculated by adding the worker’s weight and total weight to the material weight.

Safe work load(SWL) is the maximum safe force that a piece of lifting equipment lifting devices access can exercise to lift, suspend or give lower mass without breaking.

You can get safe work loading by adding the dead loading capacity to the live load capacity.

Types of Tabular scaffolding

There are two major types of tubular scaffolding:

  • Free standing e.g independent towers
  • Independent tied scaffolds e.g frameworks tied to adjacent structures

1. Coupler

This entails the standard coupler which is used to connect horizontal tubes to the vertical and the adjustable coupler used to connect diagonal tubes to the scaffold.

2. Load

Tubular steel scaffolding is ideal for projects where heavy loads are involved. It can be used for both internal and external tasks. These steel tubes are lightweight which makes them easy to assemble and disassemble.

3 storey scaffolding

3. Sizes

Tubular scaffolding can come in different sizes:15×15,500×500. This is an example of a galvanized square steel tube.

They are supplied In different forms of work; horizontal formwork, vertical formwork, and special formwork.

4. Capacity

In tabular scaffolding, the maximum loading on a heavy-duty scaffold is 75 pounds per square foot, and for a medium-duty scaffold is 50 pounds per square foot and 25 pounds per square foot.

Similar to all scaffolding equipment, it is advisable to seek professional services when handling tubular scaffolding. With the right handling, success when working with tubular scaffold towers is assured. Ensure you are well conversed with the various scaffolding types to make a better choice on which method will best suit you.