What size scaffold tower do I need

The scaffold tower size you need will be determined by the type of project you have. If the scaffold tower isn’t attached or tied to another structure, then its height shouldn’t exceed four times the size of the shortest side of the tower. You can get the scaffold towers in different dimensions, just ensure that they’re erected by a competent person. You should also ensure that whoever is using the tower is well aware of any risks involved and they’re well-trained.

large scaffolding tower
Man working on scaffold tower

What height scaffold tower do I need

Generally, scaffold tower is required for any work four feet above the ground. However, the nature of the project you have going on will determine the scaffold tower required. This means you can have a scaffold tower standing at four feet or even at 30 feet depending on what you’re working on.

If there’s the possibility of construction workers or scaffold users falling from a height of 2m to the ground, it should be inspected by a competent person and any faults rectified. This will help prevent any potential accidents or injuries.

When moving a scaffold tower from one spot to the other, it should be done after adjusting the height to a maximum of four meters to avoid any unprecedented accidents. You should also ensure that no one is atop the tower when moving it.

Although ladders are commonly used when working on small domestic projects, a scaffold tower is recommended if you’re working at height and you need a safe and secure platform.

To ensure that the scaffold tower is safe it can be erected using the advanced guard rail system or the ‘through-the-trap’ 3T system.

Which size?

PlasteringSingle storey tower
Roofing aka GutteringA double or 3-storey tower

When working with a professional on your project, they should be able to determine a suitable working height for the scaffold tower. Either way, with a scaffold tower, you’re assured your team is working on a safe platform.