Can you use scaffold as an anchor point

Scaffolding can safely be used as a suitable anchorage for a personal fall arrest system, provided that it has been erected and braced in a safe manner. This refers to whether the scaffolding has been built either partially( erected or disassembled). The scaffolding is required to either hold a weight of not less than 5,000 pounds or be designed, installed, and then used as part of a complete fall arrest system.

Although functional, using scaffolding as an anchor point is quite risky and, in most instances, unadvisable if you are working at great heights. This is because of the great risk involved, considering the scaffold components may come apart if they have not been properly braced.

Even though normal scaffolding may not be able to take the weight from an arrested fall, some additional engineering can be done to the scaffolding so that the components are braced to allow them to support heavy loads.

Scaffolding should never be used as anchorage unless a competent person has thoroughly inspected it. They should first sign off on the scaffolding before it can be used as a fall anchor point.

The safety of anyone working in or around the construction site is the top priority. The correct safety precautions should be taken to ensure that only the safest means are used. With proper caution being taken, you are assured of great results without any inconveniences.