How to scaffold a stairwell

stairwell scaffold tower

Scaffolding should be erected by a qualified professional to ensure that it s done safely. Here is how you can scaffold a stairwell.

Best scaffolding to use for stairs

stairwell scaffold tower

It’s crucial to consider the staircase design when choosing the best scaffolding option. Here are different types of scaffolding that you can consider depending on your project.

Which scaffolding holds more weight

Scaffold covered with blue debris netting

Ideal for bigger jobs that involve heavy lifting and materials, heavy-duty scaffolding has a greater weight capacity. Here’s what you need to know about scaffolding and their different weight capacities.

Scaffold Tag Requirements

Inspection tag

Scaffold tags indicate whether a scaffold is safe for use or not. Here are some of the scaffold tag requirements.

Loading Bay Scaffolding: Essential Tips and Tricks

scaffold on a roof with a loading bay

A scaffold loading bay is a platform that provides safe landing, storing and distributing of materials whose weight exceeds the designated safe working load. Here’s what you should consider when coming up with a design.

Is scaffolding VAT exempt on new build

Scaffolding hire is accounted for under normal VAT but the erecting and dismantling labour is VAT zero-rated. Here’s what you need to know about scaffolding VAT on a new build.

How long can scaffolding be left up

scaffolding for 3-storey house

Scaffolding can be left up indefinitely because there’s no law specifying the duration. However, it should be regularly inspected by a competent person.

4 Popular Scaffold design software

large commercial scaffolding structure

Getting a suitable scaffold design software is crucial for most projects. Here are different scaffold design software options that you can consider.

How to make scaffolding with ladders

adjustable ladders

A sturdy and safe working platform is crucial when working at height, hence the need for scaffolding. Here’s how to make scaffolding with ladders.

How to get scaffolding removed

erected 3 storey scaffold

Having scaffolding erected on your property longer than you had agreed with your builder can be frustrating. Here’s how to get scaffolding removed.

What does scaffolding over conservatory cost

The cost of setting up scaffolding for a conservatory in the United Kingdom ranges between £400 to £900 per week. Depending on several factors, the price can vary from one project to another.

Do you need scaffolding insurance

roof scaffolding on a terraced house

Scaffolding insurance helps protect businesses against any financial liabilities they may incur in the course of their operations. Here’s what scaffolding insurance entails.

Is it illegal to climb scaffolding

Modern tubular scaffolding

When using scaffolding, it’s advisable to ensure that it’s secured from any unauthorised access. Here are the protective measures that should be taken.