Can you use scaffold boards for worktops

Yes, Scaffold boards can be used for worktops. When using scaffold planks for kitchen worktops you should ensure that they’re placed close together. If they’re placed far apart, a lot of dirt can be trapped between the boards making it difficult to clean them. For a durable worktop made from scaffold planks, you should opt for new boards.

boards used on erected scaffold

How to choose a good board

With new scaffold planks, durability is given because most of the boards are usually treated. How you intend to use your worktop surface will determine the type of scaffold boards you choose to work with.

You can use new or used scaffold planks, provided they’re in mint condition. If you’re using used planks, they might be having nails in them so you need to ensure that they’re carefully handled to avoid any injuries.

Depending on the space where you’ll have the worktops, you can paint the boards so that they can match the décor theme. Painting them also improves the overall appeal.

You can put a waterproof coating on the scaffold board depending on how you intend to use your worktop. To ensure that the boards retain their good quality, you should avoid placing them in direct rain where they can be easily damaged.

For the best worktop, you should opt for new scaffold boards because they’ll last longer. With the right professional on the job, you can have the type of worktop you desire.