What’s the cost of scaffolding for chimney repair

The average cost of scaffolding for chimney repairs is £650 per week. This price varies due to factors like the height of the scaffold structure, scaffold hire duration and the amount of work needed. The type of scaffolding company you work with also matters. Here are additional costs and different factors affecting the price of scaffolding for chimney repairs.

chimney covered with scaffolding

Factors affecting scaffolding costs for chimney repair

When it comes to chimney repairs, you don’t need to have scaffolding all around the house, meaning it would cost significantly less amount. Here are different factors you need to consider that considerably affect the cost of scaffolding for chimney repairs.

Height of the scaffold

A tall scaffold means more materials will be needed for the assembly, thus costing more. Consulting with your scaffolder will help you know the most suitable scaffold height for your access tower. The type and size of your property are crucial in determining how tall the scaffold will be. You also need to consider additional safety precautions since the scaffolding is being erected to access the highest part of the roof.

Scaffold hire duration

How long you intend to use the scaffolding will determine how much you’ll pay in the long run. For most projects, people tend to opt for a fixed rate, but if you still need the scaffolding for a longer period, you might have to agree on a weekly rate.

Position of the chimney

How easy is it to access your chimney? Is it situated at the eaves or gable end or is it at the centre of the roof? One that’s located at the centre will cost more to repair than a chimney located at the eaves or gable end.

Ease of access

If the scaffolding can be quickly and easily erected, it will cost a significantly lower amount. If the building has restricted access, you should expect to pay more. If you had agreed on a weekly rate with your scaffolder, this will cost more because the duration taken to set up the scaffolding is longer.

Location of the property

Where your property is located will significantly impact how much scaffolding for your chimney will cost. Unlike neighbouring areas, London tends to be more expensive mainly because most of its areas have restricted access.

scaffold for chimney

Additional costs incurred for scaffolding for chimney repairs

When thinking about scaffolding costs for chimney repairs, the additional costs incurred along the way include the following.

Labour costs

The labour cost for putting up scaffolding for chimney repairs is approximately £700. The price will vary depending on things like the amount of work that needs to be done, ease of access, and the number of people hired for the job. This amount can be high if the project is more complex.

Skip hire

Skip hire costs anywhere starting from £70 upward. The amount of waste will determine the final skip hire price. The more the waste, the more the skip hire will cost. Most companies try as much to recycle most of the waste.

Planning permission

You should expect to pay between £10 to £50 for planning permission. You will need to acquire planning permission from the local authorities for you to erect scaffolding. It ensures that all the Health and safety regulations are adhered to.

Cost of aluminium chimney scaffolding

Aluminium chimney scaffolding costs £150 for a half section and £190 for a full section. The aluminium components are lightweight and can be assembled around the chimney stack to provide a horizontal working platform with guardrails.

If the chimney is situated in the middle of the roof, you can have a full section aluminium scaffold fitted for a sturdy work platform. It provides access to both sides of the chimney stack, thus allowing you to easily repair or repoint your chimney. A half-section is more suited for gable end and ridge side chimneys.

Price list for chimney repair

ItemAverage fee
Skip hire£70
Planning permissionbetween £10 to £50
Chimney scaffolding£20 per m2
Half-section aluminium access tower£150
Full section aluminium access £190

Comparing quotes from different scaffolding companies will enable you to get one that’s within your budget.

So on average, the scaffolding for chimney repairs will cost you £650 per week. The best way to get accurate pricing is by getting quotes from local scaffolders. Since the price will be affected by the duration and how tall the tower is required it is your best option. After all, it won’t cost you anything extra. When choosing an ideal company to work with, you should compare quotes from at least three scaffolders.