What is the cost of scaffolding for a terraced house

The cost of scaffolding for a terraced house starts from £950 upward. The height of scaffolding needed and the size of your property is among the things that will significantly impact the final cost.

On the upside, If you just want scaffolding on one side of the wall you should expect to pay £300 per week. Here are some of the crucial factors that you should consider when budgeting.

roof scaffolding on a terraced house

Factors to consider when scaffolding for terraced house

When thinking of scaffolding a terraced house, there are several variables you need to consider because they significantly affect the final cost. These factors vary with each project and they include the following.

Height of scaffolding

A tall scaffold will cost more because this means more components like poles and planks will be needed. Consulting with your scaffolder will give you an idea of how high you need to go and how much you need to budget for.

Scaffold hire duration

Most scaffolding companies have a minimum hire duration of between six to eight weeks. Depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, you’ll find that most companies tend to charge a weekly rate especially if it’s a small project.

You should talk to your scaffolder and agree on a reasonable course of action in case the scaffolding takes longer than the agreed period to avoid additional expenses. The longer the hire duration, the more it will cost for the scaffold hire.

Location of the house

Where your property is located is among the variables that determine how much it will cost to hire scaffolding. Usually, London prices are higher than in neighbouring areas such as Wales or Scotland. This is because most of the areas have restricted public access thus making it costly to hire scaffolding.

Number of working levels required

For simple jobs like wall repointing or painting to be done on a small section, you might only require one or two working levels. If you have a project that requires more than one working level, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets.

Restricted access

If the scaffolding needs to be erected where there’s a footpath or a public road, you’ll need to budget extra for planning permission which you need to get from your local council. It’s the scaffolder’s responsibility to ensure they have all the paperwork and licences in place but you should make sure they have them before they start any work to avoid getting in trouble with your local authorities.

Ease of access to the site

Areas that are easy to access cost less because the scaffolding company can easily and quickly put up the scaffold. If the scaffolder has to manoeuvre through tight spaces to be able to erect scaffolding, it will cost you a significantly larger amount.

Price list for Terraced house

The cost of scaffolding a terraced house will vary depending on whatever project you’re working on. There are also various costs that you’ll incur along the way. These costs include the following.

Scaffolding Avg. cost
terraced house£950 upward
one wall£300
planning permission£10 – £50/week
gutter work£250

So, with the knowledge that scaffolding for a terraced house costs £950 upward, you can now find experts to do whatever job you have on your property. It’s advisable to inquire for free quotes from several scaffolding companies so that you can select a suitable and affordable one for your project.