Do you need permission to put up scaffolding

A scaffolder or builder needs to have permission or a license before they can erect scaffolding within the boundaries of your property. In the event of one or more parts of the scaffolding going on the road or the pavement outside your property, the scaffolder will require permission or a license from the local council.

erected scaffold with roof cover

What about planning permission?

The scaffolding company hired is the one to ensure that all the necessary permission and paperwork has been obtained before a construction project begins. A highway closure from the local council should be obtained if the scaffolding might cause danger to the public.

For any project done within your residential property without being connected to any business, the contractor, builder or scaffolder is in charge of maintenance of the scaffolding and it’s safety.

Different rules apply for individuals, partnerships or companies that have construction jobs as part of their operations. It also includes developers and companies such as rental agents, landlords or estate agents that manage domestic properties.

Their main task is to ensure the projects are managed properly therefore guaranteeing the health and safety of all people, including the general public, who might get affected by the job.

Erecting scaffolding without the necessary permissions is against the law and may even lead to charges. The employers should also make an effort to ensure that the scaffolder has all the documentation in place to avoid any unnecessary future inconveniences.