How long can scaffolding be left up

Scaffolding can be left up indefinitely. There’s no legal requirement for how long scaffolding can be left up. While it is up, it requires frequent inspection for as long as it is still erected.

On the other hand, If you are concerned that scaffolding has been left abandoned, then you can have it removed. Scaffolding removal is a relatively straightforward process and can be completed.

Meanwhile, here is more information on what you should do to ensure your scaffolding stays up for a longer duration.

scaffolding for 3-storey house

What to consider when leaving the scaffolding up for a longer period.

As much as scaffolding can be left up for an indefinite period of time, there are several factors that significantly impact how long scaffolding can stay up. They include the following:

Scaffold hire cost

The cost of scaffold hire doesn’t come cheap, and the longer the scaffolding stays up the more you should expect to pay your scaffolding company. For this reason, it’s only logical to dismantle scaffolding once you’re done using it. If you have a lengthy project and you don’t know exactly how long it will take, you can always agree on a weekly rate when it comes to scaffold hire. You also have to consider the cost of erecting and dismantling the scaffolding once you’re done with your project.

Adverse weather conditions

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Poor weather conditions like heavy rains, snow and strong winds can easily compromise the safety and structural integrity of scaffolding. Even though there’s no limit for how long you can leave your scaffolding up in such poor weather, you’ll need to take extra precautionary measures like weather-proofing the scaffolding to ensure that it’s still safe for use.

Areas with restricted public access

If you’re looking to erect scaffolding in an area with restricted public access such as near a roadside or highway, you will need licensing and planning permission from your local authorities. Also, the scaffolding will need to be removed once the project is done because other members of the public need access to the space. Dismantling the scaffolding once you’re done will also help avoid any extra expenses from renewing the licenses each time.

So, even though scaffolding has no stipulated minimum or maximum duration for which it can stay up, it’s advisable to dismantle it once you’re done with your project to avoid the additional costs you might incur. Consulting with your project manager will help you know how long the project will take and how long you’ll need scaffolding to be left up.