How long does scaffolding take to put up

On average, it takes between two hours to two days to erect scaffolding. With the different types of scaffolding available, some can take up to a week to be erected, especially for commercial, or industrial projects like constructing a high-rise building. 

Considering the importance of timelines when planning construction projects, it’s essential to have an accurate estimate of how long it will take to put up scaffolding for your project.

Factors that determine the duration of putting up scaffolding

Apart from the different types of scaffolding, there are other things that will determine the duration it will take to put up a scaffolding system. These factors include the following:

  • The height/size of the scaffolding required
  • Ease of access where the scaffold needs to be erected
  • The need for a scaffolding permit

The number of working platforms required will determine how long it will take to put up the scaffolding system.

You also need to consider the ease of access to the area where the scaffolding is to be erected. The longer it takes them to prepare the ground to put up the scaffolding system, the more time it will take to set up the system.

The duration taken to acquire a scaffolding permit is yet another factor that can impact the overall timeline for your scaffolding setup.

How long does it take to take scaffolding down

It takes between an hour to one day to dismantle scaffolding. However, this is dependent on the type of scaffolding being taken down. That put into consideration, some might take up to a week or more. All safety measures need to be considered when dismantling scaffolds. You also need to consider the time it will take to clean up after the dismantling.

Once you find the scaffolding company you intend to work with, they will be able to give you an accurate timeline estimation for erecting scaffolding. You should also bear in mind that adverse weather conditions can have a huge impact on the time taken. By reading the above, you already have a clear vision of what to expect when it comes to scaffolding timelines.