How much does scaffolding cost to buy

The cost of buying scaffolding starts from £500 upward or you can buy per piece at approximately £20/m2. This price will vary depending on the type of scaffold you intend to buy or the type of project you’re working on.

stored scaffold equipment

You should get quotes from different suppliers before settling for one. Here’s what you should know and consider before buying scaffolding.

Tips for buying scaffolding

Before purchasing scaffolding there are several things you need to consider to ensure that you buy the right components. Here’s how you can ensure that you have bought the right scaffolding for your project.

Adherence to safety standards

Scaffolding is crucial for providing safe access when working at height. You should ensure that the scaffolding equipment and accessories you get are durable and of good quality in accordance with the scaffolding standards. Buying quality components will save you additional costs incurred by replacing low-quality components.

Assess the scaffold’s accessibility

You should consider whether the scaffolding needs any vertical access when buying scaffolding to ensure that you get the right one for your project. You can opt for scaffolding that has stairway access to prevent any falling hazards.

Be clear about your requirements

For you to buy the right scaffolding, you should be able to identify why you need scaffolding and how you intend to use it. You should ensure that the scaffolding you choose can comfortably support the weight of the construction workers. Most importantly, all scaffolding should be erected and dismantled by a competent person.

Ensure you get technical support

If you’re buying your scaffolding from a manufacturer or supplier, it’s good to ensure that you have access to technical support. This will make it easy should you need to replace any of the components.

Ensure traceability of the scaffolding equipment

With traceability, you can easily tell when and where a component was manufactured. In case any of the components have an issue it can easily be identified and rectified once traced to a particular batch.

Consider your storage needs

Storage is a crucial aspect when deciding whether to buy scaffolding. Since you won’t be returning the scaffolding to anyone, you should consider where you’ll store the components once you’re done using them. If you don’t have adequate storage space already, it means you also have to budget extra for storage space. If you won’t need the scaffolding again, you can always consider the option of selling them to other local scaffolding companies once you’re done with the project.

Source your scaffolding locally

It’s advisable to source your scaffolding locally because this will ensure that you have easy access to any technical support needed. Local manufacturers and suppliers are also more informed on the scaffolding standards that need to be observed.

Stacked scaffold poles

Why should you buy instead of hiring scaffolding

Hiring scaffolding is an affordable option for most homeowners with short-term projects. However, for scaffolding companies, it’s more logical to buy your own scaffolding from trusted manufacturers. Here are several reasons why buying scaffolding is a good idea, especially for homeowners.

If you need the scaffolding for more than 12 weeks it is more reasonable to buy scaffolding instead of hiring. However, you need to consider the type of project to ensure that buying is the perfect cost-effective option.

If the scaffolding height is 6m or below you can buy scaffolding. You should also ensure that your building has straight-line elevations because there won’t be a lot of obstacles to manoeuvre. If you are to buy your own scaffolding, you should ensure that you are well-trained for the job or work with a competent person to avoid accidents.

Scaffolding price list

There are several things you need to include when budgeting for scaffolding such as the different safety equipment and accessories. Here are the different costs you should consider.

ItemAvg. cost
scaffolding£500 upward
one piece of scaffolding£20/m2
edge protector£10/m2
Waste chutes£70 each

On average the cost to buy scaffolding starts from £500, meaning you can easily budget for your project. You also get a glimpse of some of the costs you might have to include in your purchase. With the scaffolding belonging to you, you can use it as long as you want, just make sure it’s inspected daily to avoid any accidents that may arise due to using substandard materials.