How much is a scaffolding course

The cost of the CISRS COTS Trainee Scaffolder course is £160 + VAT. The COTS ( Construction Operative Training Course Specification ) course lasts for 1 day and is aimed as a foot in the door for the scaffolding career. It is the foundation course for those who wish to progress in a scaffolding career,

scaffolder erecting scaffold whiles wearing safety gears

On the other hand, the cost of CISRS BASE also known as Basic Access System Erector is £600. It is suited for non-scaffolders, tradesmen like bricklayers and construction workers.

As a trainee scaffolder, you will have the opportunity to progress and obtain the following CISRS cards

  • Scaffolding Labourer Card
  • Scaffolder (Tube & Fitting)
  • Scaffolder (System)

You’ll have to pay more depending on how much you want to advance in the field and the different certifications that you want to undertake. The institution you choose to attend will also impact the overall cost. Whether you want to be a scaffolder, scaffolding inspector, supervisor or manager, there are several courses that you need to take to equip yourself with the necessary accreditations.

Scaffolding training and their cost

Scaffold training is crucial for the candidates involved because it ensures that you’re equipped with the skills and the necessary health and safety requirements. Here are the different scaffolding courses accredited under the CISRS ( Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme) and how much you should expect to pay.

CISRS Operative Training Scheme (COTS)

Costing £160 upward, the COTS is a crucial course for anyone carrying out onsite work or is involved in scaffolding operations that need a scaffolding labourer card or a CISRS scaffolding trainee card. The COTS course only takes one day and candidates get to learn the basics of scaffolding and safety measures when working on scaffolding and access platforms.

To qualify for the CISRS COTS course, one has to complete a CITB Health and safety and environment touch-screen test or a valid exemption at least two years before attending. The CISRS scaffolding labourer card earned is valid for five years.

CISRS scaffolder course – Part 1

Taking a 10-day duration, the CISRS scaffolder course – Part I costs £1,200 upward. You must have a valid CISRS Trainee scaffolder or labourer card and at least six months of experience working in the scaffolding industry. It’s an essential course for individuals that want to attain the CISRS trainee card and the NVQ level 2. For a CISRS training certificate, the candidate is required to have successfully completed both parts one and two of the course.

CISRS scaffolder course – Part 2

Just like Part 1, the CISRS scaffolder course – Part 2 costs £1,200 upward. It only takes ten days to complete the course and candidates can only partake once they’ve successfully completed Part 1. The course is ideal for individuals working towards a scaffolder basic CISRS card and an NVQ level 2. Candidates that are successfully done with Part 2 are issued with a CISRS training certificate.

CISRS advanced scaffolder course

It costs £1,200 upward for the CISRS advanced scaffolder course. To attend this course, the candidate is required to have had a CISRS scaffolder card for at least 12 months before enrolling for the course. The trainee gets a CISRS advanced scaffolder card upon successfully completing the course. With this qualification, they are competent to lead other scaffolding workers in different scaffolding operations.

Scaffolder on high-rise building

CISRS basic scaffold inspection training

The basic SITS is a three-day course that costs £500 upward. The course is ideal for managers and supervisors with the responsibility of inspection and signing off in accordance with the stipulated requirements and the Work at Height Regulations. Once they’re successfully done with the course, trainees get the CISRS certificate of training, which is crucial for candidates that are looking to obtain the CISRS Basic scaffold inspection card.

CISRS advanced scaffold inspection training scheme

This CISRS advanced scaffold inspection course costs £420 upward. The two-day course is meant for those with the responsibility of inspecting complex scaffolds. To qualify for the course, candidates should have a basic scaffold inspection record card for at least two years prior.

Upon successful completion, the candidates will get a CISRS advanced scaffolding inspection training scheme certificate. This allows them to apply for the CISRS advanced scaffold inspection card.

CISRS scaffolding supervisor

The five-day CISRS scaffolding course costs £850 upward. It’s best suited for construction managers and supervisors in charge of scaffolding operations. Candidates can apply for their CISRS scaffolding supervisor card after successfully completing the course.

Scaffolding course price list

There are several scaffolding courses you can take depending on what you want to specialise in. Here are the various scaffolding courses and how much you should expect to pay.

CISRS CourseAvg. fees + VAT
Operative Training Scheme (COTS)£160
Scaffolder course – Part 1£1,200
Scaffolder course – Part 2£1,200
Advanced scaffolder course£1,200
Basic scaffold inspection training£500
Advanced scaffold inspection training scheme£420
Scaffolding supervisor£850

On average, the scaffolder course costs £1,200. You can kick-start your scaffolding career as a trainee and gain practical experience. After 12 months, you can progress to obtain an Advance Scaffolder card.