How to make scaffolding with ladders

When working at height, you need a sturdy and safe working platform. Depending on how high off the ground you’ll be, you can use ladders to make scaffolding. You will need two extension ladders and a scaffolding plank for a sturdy working platform. Even though this isn’t a viable solution for all projects, it is ideal for small repair jobs. Read on to see how to make scaffolding with ladders.

adjustable ladders

Step 1: Adjust the ladders

For this project, you’ll need two extension ladders and a thick scaffolding board. When setting up, you should adjust each of the ladders into an A-frame configuration. You can place the ladders between six to 12 feet apart depending on the length of the scaffolding plank you’re using.

For a stable scaffold, you should ensure that the ladders have the same height and place them with the rungs facing each other.

Step 2: Set up a working platform

For a sturdy working platform, you can use a scaffold board or solid wood. The scaffold board should be placed at the same level to avoid slanting because this can cause serious injury in case of a fall.

Step 3: Test the scaffold

Testing the scaffold will let you know whether it’s sturdy enough and safe for you to use. You can test it by placing the scaffold board on the lowest rung and walking from one end of the plank to the other. It’s advisable to use the lower rung because if the board can’t support your weight, you won’t be risking falling from a higher place.

You should also look out for any cracking sound and extreme bending. If the board is too light, you can opt for a thicker plank because this is more sturdy. If the issue is the length, you can always replace it with a longer board.

Step 4: Set up the scaffolding

Once you have tested the scaffolding and ensured it’s safe for usage, you can place the scaffold planks at the desired working height. It’s advisable to use longer planks because you can place them beyond the A-frame configuration for added safety.

When using ladders, you should ensure that the wood or scaffold plank can comfortably support your weight. You can improve your scaffold’s safety by adding a third ladder at the centre especially when the distance between the two ladders is long. There’s also the option of using ladders with ladder jacks for enhanced safety. With the above, you have an affable and easy-to-make scaffolding option when working at height.