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How to paint outside of house without scaffolding

A painting job is not always as easy as it may seem. Painting high walls can be a pretty risky job especially if you don’t have access to scaffolding. As convenient as it is, getting access to scaffolding is not an easy task as it is quite costly. This is especially so if you are getting your own house painted. If you are working with a tall house, there will be some hard-to-reach areas in the exterior walls that will require you to have some equipment if you are to take any regard to your safety. There are, however, other affordable methods that you can adopt to paint the outside of your house without scaffolding. These include:

  • Extension pole
  • Ladders
extension pole, blue paint
Painting a wall with an extension pole

1. Extension pole

Also known as a telescoping pole, an extension pole is an excellent option for you to use if you are looking to paint exterior walls. This is a risk-free alternative that allows you to save money while still putting your safety first.

The pole size can be extended to match the size of the wall and it can reach up to two-storey buildings. In the event of the pole failing to reach the height of the wall, another similar pole can be attached to it to enable it to reach even higher.

There are two types of poles: fiberglass and metal. The fiberglass pole is electricity resistant and good to work with around exposed wires. However, metal poles are a more pocket-friendly yet efficient option.

To use an extension pole, you will need to attach a foam brush to the pole and extend it to start using it.

2. Ladders

Painter working on a ladder
Man working on a ladder

Ladders are one of the most convenient tools to use especially if you are working at height. They are easily available and come at an affordable price.

Ladders are convenient since they can be extended and adjusted to fit your needs. Ladders are easy to use and you don’t have to be a professional for you to be able to use one to paint a house.

Aluminum ladders are a really good choice because of their low weight which makes them easy to move around. When dealing with high-up patches, you will most likely need a taller ladder for you to reach them.

Using a ladder can be quite time-consuming since they have to be constantly moved from one location to another as you can only cover so much space when using a ladder and it may prove to be a difficult task. It may also prove to be quite risky for anyone inexperienced since a fall from up a ladder can be quite dangerous.

The means listed above can be handy especially if you have decided to take on the painting job as a DIY project. You can easily use either a ladder or extension poles to paint the outside of your house without scaffolding. To avoid any unnecessary hazards, you can always hire a professional to do the job for you using the said equipment.

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