How to wallpaper a stairwell without scaffolding

Hanging wallpaper on a stairwell can be pretty risky if you don’t have any scaffolding, however, this doesn’t make it an impossible task. With the biggest challenge being the height of the walls and the awkward angles, a sturdy and safe working platform that goes hand in hand with the stairwell layout is crucial. Some of the safe alternatives that you can use include the following.

1. Using a stairwell scaffold

stairwell tower

A stairwell scaffold tower is a perfectly safe solution that you can use in place of traditional scaffolding. They come in different sizes and lengths therefore, you should ensure that you choose one with the right measurements depending on the height of your stairway wall. You should place the tower at the base of the stairwell and ensure that it’s stable and properly secured to prevent any movement while the work is underway. When setting up the tower, you should ensure that there are no loose components.

2. Using a ladder

An extension ladder is another great option when it comes to wallpapering a stairwell because it can easily be adjusted to different heights. The ladder can be leaned at an angle to allow you access to various parts of the wall. If you want to work on a portion where the steps are uneven you can use a stair leveller to ensure that you have a level surface to set up your ladder. The stability of the ladder is crucial in this case because it will determine how safe it is.

3. Ladders linked with scaffold board

For this method, you can use two trestle ladders as your support and then place a scaffold board in the rungs to create a sturdy working platform for your stairwell wallpapering. You can work in sections and adjust the boards depending on the height you’re trying to reach. For safety purposes, you should ensure that the ladders are placed on a flat surface. You can also use a hop-up depending on the staircase layout.

4. Using a stairwell platform

Another safe option you can consider while wallpapering your stairwell is a stairwell platform. With this, you need to ensure that it’s assembled following the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any accidents. Considering you’ll be working in sections, all you have to do is adjust the height of the platform as you proceed. Stability is another key thing you need to consider before you start working on the platform so you should lock the wheels in place to avoid any movements.

5. Using a telescopic ladder

Apart from being easily portable, a telescopic ladder is also easy to adjust depending on the height you want to reach making it a perfect solution for wallpapering your stairwell. You can easily reach different areas by placing the ladder at an angle and ensuring the surface is level to prevent it from slipping. It allows you to wallpaper different sections effectively.

Looking at the different options you can consider when you don’t have access to scaffolding, the staircase layout is one of the things you can consider to determine a functional solution. There’s also the option of hiring a qualified professional to do the wallpaper installation. Remember, safety should always come first.