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What is the difference between putlog and scaffolding

A putlog is a type of scaffolding that is put on walls and extensions from walls support it. In most buildings that use Putlog scaffold, the hole where the putlog is extended from is never covered. It is left that way for future constructions. It is important to note that the walls have to be strong enough to support the weight of a scaffold before it is erected. 

The main difference between putlog and scaffolding is the way they are erected. The putlog scaffold is supported by the wall while scaffolding is erected from the ground up. Even though it is erected from the wall, there may be some supporters from the ground that helps in distributing and balancing the weight. It is used in construction but is most common in festivals. 

Scaffolding built using putlog system

Advantages of Putlog 

The main advantage of the Putlog scaffolding is that it offers more stability. The fact that one end is erected on the wall makes it more rigid, making it safe to use in high wind areas that may bring independent scaffolds down. 

The other advantage is that you need fewer materials when erecting it compared to the other types of scaffolding. All this is thanks to its old-fashioned nature. 

Although the putlog is steady and easy to erect, it is important to consider the holes left on the walls. That might help you decide the scaffold you choose to erect. 

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