5 Recommended Local Builders In London


Every homeowner can agree that getting the best builders in London or anywhere else to handle your project can be stressful. Whether your project is a simple extension, a loft conversion, a home renovation, or new construction, you need to get the best building company suited for the job. From commercial projects to domestic ones, getting qualified and recommended builders is an essential part of the process.

Of course, when thinking of building, there are several things that you have to put into consideration. Among other things, below are some of the things to consider:

  • Your budget. Can you afford the costs to be incurred?
  • The size of your project. How big is your construction project?
  • The location of your property. Is it situated in a conservation area or leased property?
  • Need for any planning permission. This will depend on the type of construction or extension you intend to have.  
  • Any shared walls. If there are any, you’ll need to consult with your neighbours because of any disturbance it might cause them. This is also where the shared party wall agreement comes in. 
  • Insurance. It is important to also consult with your insurance providers.

As the building industry continues to grow, all kinds of builders emerge, making it tricky to choose the right contractor to handle your project. You’d certainly want to work with some of the top builders in London, other than settling for ‘cowboy builders.’

As you choose the right builder for your project in London, there are several things you have to put in mind. These include:

  • Builder recommendations from friends.
  • The type of customer service they have to offer.
  • Have they handled any similar projects before? You’ll be able to understand their familiarity with your project.
  • Going through various reviews from previous clients. This helps you in understanding the builders’ level of skill and potential.
  • Adherence to the building regulations.
  • Any certifications or insurance.
  • Warranty. What kind of warranty does your builder offer?
  • Who does your builder work with? Will they handle every aspect of the project from the beginning to the end or do they sub-contract other companies?
  • Method of payment. Upon agreeing on the budget this is the other important thing you need to agree on with your contractor. 
  • Timeline for the project. You also need to agree on the duration the project is likely to take. From looking at the previous reviews, you’ll also know if the contractor delivers on time or not.
  • Are they working with established contractors? I.e some scaffolding companies have gone busted, and once the builder was done, the owner was left to deal with scaffolding.
  • Is builder working in your best interest? Could you save money by hiring a scaffold tower instead of a whole scaffolding around your home?

Let a local contractor quote for your building work.

Below, we’ll have a look at some of the builders recommended in London:

1. Proficiency Design & Build

Construction company London

31 Fortune Green Road

Phone: 02074356231
Email: info@proficiencyltd.co.uk
Website: https://www.proficiencyltd.co.uk


Established in 2011, Proficiency Design & Build is among the top building companies in London that facilitate the designing, construction, renovating, and refining of homes across London. From home refurbishments, cellar conversions, basement excavations, home extensions to loft conversions, these are just some of the services they offer.

When it comes to the building services they offer, you can either opt for their build-only or the end-to-end services. With the build-only, the company collaborates with your team of engineers, architects, and designers to achieve your dream home.

On the other hand, if you opt for their end-to-end services, you get their team of planning specialists, engineers, interior designers, architects, builders, and project manager to guide you from the beginning to the end of the process.

The company is also insured by the Federation of Master Builders(FMB), and you also get to work with NICEIC approved contractors. As a property owner, getting a builder that offers a structural guarantee is something worth appreciating. 

With this company, you get a structural warranty that runs for 15 years! With other companies offering the same for shorter periods, you can’t complain at all. Also, the company issues its clients with a completion certificate once they’re done with the job.

Having been in existence for almost a decade, you can rest assured the company has developed a team that can successfully handle your project from start to finish. One with the experience and expertise. You can also find their project featured in KBB magazine.

From the featured project, every detail is highlighted; from the drawing of the plans to the interior decor. In this project, you can also see that the interior designer is subcontracted. But as the magazine has quoted, ‘the final result is a ‘triumph’ indeed.

If you were to select a builder, these are some of the things you’d consider. Does the company have insurance? What other projects have they handled before? These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself when searching for recommended local builders in London.

2. Proficiency Bespoke

high end residential contractors london

Proficiency Bespoke
35 Fortune Green Road

Phone: 02080760196
Email: office@proficiencybespoke.co.uk
Website: https://proficiencybespoke.co.uk


Serving clients across London and the South West, Proficiency Bespoke specializes in luxury building and home refurbishments. Having existed for the better part of a decade, their team of architects, builders, engineers, and interior designers continue to excel in their craftsmanship.

Blue kitchen done by Proficiency Bespoke
Rear kitchen extension with a living room

The company, which is part of Proficiency Design & Build, was launched in 2019 to offer bespoke end-to-end building services. Meaning that they take care of every aspect of your home’s construction. From spectacular designs, swift planning, and project management, to every single element of the interior design.

With the bespoke designs, this means that everything is made with you in mind. You have full creative control and the professional assistance needed to achieve your dream home. It is said that a home’s design reflects on the owner’s style and preference.

Whether your property needs refurbishment, remodeling or it’s new construction, the team offers high-end building services to transform it into the luxurious space you need. What better chance to achieve that luxurious design you’ve always wanted! The company also doesn’t sub-contract because it has a team that can handle the project from start to end.

For you to have a better glance at the work they can do, you can always request to have a look at their portfolio which showcases the various projects they’ve undertaken. As much as they promise to work within your budget and requirements, it’s always advisable to ensure that they offer structural insurance for a certain period.

The other thing you can do is have a look at some of their certifications as well as reviews from previous customers. This will help you in determining whether the company has the potential to deliver the design you desire. 

Thanks to their wealth of experience, the company has been able to handle multiple projects over time. With their offices situated in Hampstead, clients within London can access this local builder for all their luxury home needs.

3. Axe Construction

Located in Streatham, South London, Axe Construction are the builders in Streatham who you can consider for your construction projects, big or small. With more than 12 years of experience and expertise, the company has successfully handled a wide range of projects ranging from refurbishments, loft conversions, and home renovations and extensions, among others.

They have a team of reliable and well-trained professionals that are committed to delivering personalised solutions to their customers. Their bespoke solutions for their commercial and residential clients are a reflection of their outstanding workmanship. They also offer free survey and a written quotation after the initial consultation. A quick look into their portfolio will give you an idea of what to expect.

41B Tooting Bec Gardens,
SW16 1RE

Phone: 02082058173
Email: office@axeconstruction.co.uk
Website: https://axeconstruction.co.uk

4. eLoft Conversions

Loft conversion

eLoft Conversions
297 Whitechapel Rd
E1 1BY

Email: office@eloftconversions.co.uk
Phone: 02033222650
Website: https://eloftconversions.co.uk


Eloft Conversions are a building company in London whose speciality is attic and loft conversions. From Dormer conversions, Velux, Mansard, and Hip to gable, these are some of the types of loft conversion this company specializes in.

With this company, you get a diligent project manager who handles everything concerning the project and they also guide you throughout the project. What’s more, you also get to save time since the company deals with the party wall and regulations.

Be it acquiring any planning permissions if needed or dealing with the local building authorities, they handle everything. With their end-to-end building services, they take care of everything from the beginning of the project to its completion.

You get access to designers and an architectural team to help you craft your dream loft into a reality. Whether you want a light-filled attic or to turn your underutilized below roof space, the company has a team that has the expertise and experience to handle your project.

Other than adding special features to make living spaces fun, unique, and innovative, the company also prides itself on offering affordable loft conversion jobs and working within the set timelines. You get value for what you pay for. 

By having a look at some of the projects the company has completed before, you’ll be able to see for yourself the kind of work they deliver. Every project is tailored to meet the various needs of the clients. 

For every project, a project manager is appointed to oversee the project to your liking. You get to work with the project manager towards ensuring that the loft design is as you want.

The company also has numerous insurance policies kept in place as well as their adherence to the building regulations. For all the work done by them, you get a 2-year structural guarantee. 

One would expect a longer duration, say 10 years, but two years warranty is better than nothing for any homeowner. With this in place, the company will take care of any structural defects that may occur within two years of completion of the construction.

With its offices located at 297 Whitechapel Rd, Shadwell, London, the company offers their loft conversion services to clients in all areas of London.

5. Marriott Construction

Builders north London

Marriott Construction Ltd
183 Edgware Road

Phone: 02082058173
Email: office@marriottconstruction.co.uk
Website: https://marriottconstruction.co.uk


This construction company in Northern London offers a range of building services within Northern London and Hertfordshire. The company’s history dates back more than fifteen years when they were a renovation and home refurbishment company, MB Masterbuilders Ltd.

They have since grown to what is now Marriott Construction Ltd. The company also shifted its focus towards the construction of extensions and new homes.

Their services range from building new homes, commercial buildings, landscaping, and house extensions, to property refurbishments and renovations. The company offers two types of construction packages from which clients can choose from.

One of the services you can choose from is their design & Build services where they work with their architect and skilled builders to achieve your desired design. From preparing the structural and architectural drawings, and acquiring planning permission from the local authorities to building the structure. 

The company also has experienced interior designers to help you create bespoke home interiors once the construction is done. The good thing with this company is that you can have them do your landscaping since it is among the many services they offer.

The other package you can choose involves them building your home according to the existing plans and specifications. They work closely with your architect to achieve the design you want for your new home or house extension.

Marriott Construction is also known for its in-house team which has the experience and skills to deliver projects in a timely, cost-effective, and efficient manner.

Great project management delivered on time and on budget. Imaginative solutions in problem-solving. Very high standard of finish. Very tidy site throughout the build. Prepared to go the extra mile.Michael Dunk

Quoted above is a review from one of their clients in London. We’ve already established that going through reviews from previous clients is a great way to determine the type of work a builder provides. The other thing you can do is have a look at their case study portfolio or project gallery to get an idea of the kind of projects they’re handling or can handle.

One of their bespoke projects, a luxurious new home in Bushey, Hertfordshire, was featured in  KBB Magazine( Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Magazine).

The company also works under fully insured conditions and the clients also get a 10-year structural warranty upon completion of the project. 

From the companies above, we see that some of the things that make them some of the reputable builders in London include the professionalism, workmanship they exhibit with every project they undertake as well as the quality of the results they deliver in the end.

Also, the type of customer service a company offers plays a very important role in determining whether they’ll have any repeat clients, or get new ones. It also determines the type of reviews clients give.

Whether your project involves having simple home maintenance on your property or building new construction, having a recommended builder is crucial. Going through London builder reviews as well as having a look at the builder’s experience will be important in determining who you’ll hire for your project.