7 Scaffold board table ideas

Scaffold boards are pretty sturdy, making them ideal for making tables. From dining tables to coffee tables, there are various types of designs that you can opt for. With scaffold planks, you can easily paint your table in any colour to match your decor. Here are different scaffold board table ideas that you can implement.

1. Square coffee table

square brown table made out of scaffold board

Scaffold boards can be cut into any shape to make your desired table design. Since they’re available in different thicknesses, you can choose whatever you think is best suited for your table. A square coffee table is among the many designs you can opt for. You can sand the board and apply a finish that suits your decor theme.

2. Industrial coffee table

brown table with chairs

If you’re looking to achieve a farmhouse rustic design, scaffold boards make the perfect material. You can make a stylish industrial coffee table where the top is made from scaffold planks and the frame and legs are made from steel. You can paint the frame and legs black and leave the boards without painting for an industrial rustic look.

3. A balustrade table

For a unique design, you can opt for a balustrade table. This will make your space look stylish and modern. While the scaffold planks are used for the table tops, the balustrades add more character to the design. You can make a dining table from the same design with a little tweaking of the measurements.

4. A rustic dining table

Long brown table with chairs in a living room

Considering the fact that scaffold boards are available in different lengths, all you need is to join several boards for a perfect dining table top. You can choose metallic legs for an industrial look or use a different type of solid timber for a rustic farmhouse look.

5. Patio table

Having a patio is an ideal way to acquire additional living space on your property. You can spruce it up by adding a patio table made from scaffold planks. This is a cost-effective solution because you can also use reclaimed boards to make your patio decking. The table can be painted to match the home’s exterior or left that way for a rustic effect.

6. Bench-style outdoor table

Since scaffold boards are meant to be used outside, they make the perfect material for making an outdoor table. If the table will be exposed to different elements, you can use treated boards for enhanced durability. You can opt for the bench-style outdoor table and two benches on both sides for additional seating space. You can easily achieve a rustic look depending on the type of finish you opt for.

7. Modern centre table

Another design idea that you can incorporate into your space is a modern centre table made from scaffold planks. You can paint or polish the table in whatever colour or finish you want based on your decor theme. It’s a cost-effective way to add a modern touch to your space.

8. Multi-layered coffee table

Scaffolding boards allow you to go all out with your creativity thanks to their versatility. You can opt for a multi-layered coffee table for your space. You can paint it black or leave it as is for a rustic effect.