6 Scaffold safety equipment scaffolders need

Scaffolding safety equipment is an essential requirement considering the risk exposure when working at height. Anyone working at height should take the necessary precautions which include having the right personal protective equipment (PPE). Here are the different types of scaffold safety equipment that scaffolders need to stay safe.

1. Hard hat

Black helmet

Depending on the level you’re at on the scaffolding tower, there is the risk of debris, objects and tools falling on your head. For this reason, having a hard hat prevents any injuries that the head might endure in case of any eventualities. It’s advisable to have the hat on at all times while at the site and atop scaffolding.

2. Safety harness

Scaffolder with the harness

A safety harness reduces the risk of falling when working at height. It’s advisable to use a safety harness when working at six feet or more above the ground. When safely and carefully attached, a safety harness is pretty effective in preventing falls in the event of a slip or trip. Other things that can be included for fall protection include safety nets, toe boards and guard rails, among other things.

3. Protective footwear

work boot on a scaffold board

Having quality safety footwear comes in handy preventing any slipping when working at height. You should ensure the boots are non-slip and steel-capped. With non-slip boots, you won’t have to worry about slipping when working on wet scaffolding or during poor weather conditions. The steel caps protect your toes from any falling objects that may cause injury.

4. Protective gloves

With protective gloves, you are able to keep your hands safe and also protect them against any injuries. They also provide a good grasp when mounting the scaffolding and carrying equipment around. Without the gloves, you are more prone to slipping especially if you have sweaty palms.

5. Ear and eye protection

From safety glasses, and visors to earplugs and mufflers, it’s advisable to protect yourself when exposed to the risk of getting injured. Working on scaffolding means exposure to loud noises but earplugs will protect your hearing against that. Eye protection prevents particles from harming your eyesight. You should ensure that what you wear still allows you to see clearly.

6. High visibility jacket

Worker wearing a red high visibility jacket

High visibility jacket is especially useful when working in low lighting or when there’s poor visibility e.g during winter. It is also essential if you’re working with someone operating heavy machinery because they’ll be able to see you clearly thus avoiding any accidents. Workers can stay visible at all times on the construction site and when atop scaffolding.

With the scaffold protective equipment mentioned above, you can easily stay out of harm’s way and prevent any accidents that may occur on-site. Other things like regular inspection of the scaffolding by a competent person reduce the chances of any eventualities because it ensures the structure is in good condition.