What does scaffolding over conservatory cost

The cost of setting up scaffolding for a conservatory in London and the United Kingdom is between £400 to £900 per week. In urban areas like London, the total price of your project is higher compared to the countryside. Due to narrow access and the cost of permission from the local council.

Small conservatory at back of the garden

Whether you want to compare scaffolding hire quotations you already have or are about to get, you need to know if the scaffolders are not overcharging you.

Let’s walk through the cost components for erecting a conservatory scaffolding and their influencing factors.

Cost components of conservatory scaffolding 

Calculating the price of erecting a scaffolding bridge over a conservatory follows the same approach as with other building types. It is quite common to reach out to multiple companies to see their scaffolding prices and most scaffolders quotes are based on the followings:

The actual hiring price of the scaffolding

The scaffolding hiring rate is a major cost element in scaffolding hire quotes. When you consult a scaffold hire company, the first thing they do is access the size of your conservatory. This will give them an idea of the materials required to erect the scaffold. This will include wooden boards, metal poles, and joineries. Afterwards, scaffolders will place the items against their hire rate per day. This will give the hiring price of the scaffolding materials. On an average basis, this cost can range between £40 to £150 daily.

The labour cost to erect and disassemble the scaffolding

Apart from the hire cost for the materials, scaffolders will also charge you for labour. This price will typically include the cost of erecting and removing the conservatory scaffolding. Depending on some factors we will discuss soon, scaffolders charge an average of £150 per day for labour.

The duration of hire

As with other types of scaffolds, scaffolders will prepare their quote for conservatory scaffolds based on how long your project will take. Usually, scaffold companies make an initial cost computation using a fixed duration rate of six or eight weeks. However, they’ll agree on a weekly or daily rate with you in case the project takes longer than planned.

Additional cost

In rare occasions when the conservatory scaffold obscures access to public areas, your scaffolder will be required to obtain a permit from the local council. Basically, the permit is to ensure that the scaffolding company adheres to all safety standards. Depending on your location, this can cost you up to £50 on a monthly basis. 

Large conservatory at the back of the house

Factors influencing conservatory scaffolding costs

Below are five factors you can expect to influence the cost of erecting scaffolding over your conservatory:

1. Location

The location has a strong influence on all construction activities, and scaffolding is not an exception. Scaffolders charge up to three times as much in London than they would in rural parts of the UK. London is an expensive city to live in. Thus, labour rates for construction workers are higher than in rural areas like Cumbria, Dyfed, and Devon. So, if you are hiring from a scaffolding company in any of the UK urban areas, be ready to pay more.

Before engaging a scaffolder, you may want to compare quotations from about three or four scaffolding companies first. This will give you an idea of the average hiring cost in your location.

2. Accessibility

Accessibility really does matter when it comes to negotiating conservatory scaffolding hire costs. How spacious is the working area around your conservatory? The easier it is for the scaffolder to frame up scaffolding over your conservatory, the cheaper the cost will be. 

You can expect to pay more for conservatory scaffolding in properties with tight working areas or passages. The reason is that tight places will require too much manoeuvring. Consequently, this will increase the time the workers need to frame up the scaffold and remove it afterwards.

3. Size of the conservatory

The size of your conservatory will determine the number of materials ( poles, boards, etc.) required for the scaffolding. The more materials needed, the higher the working hours the companies will charge for labour during erection and removal. 

4. Length of hire

Scaffolding hire companies charge for their services on a weekly basis. The longer the time you require the scaffolding in position over your conservatory, the higher your scaffolder’s quotation will be. However, the more days you rent scaffolds, the less it will cost you per day in the long run.

So here it is, now you know how much erecting scaffolding over the conservatory will cost you. To recap the average, you can expect a scaffolding company in the United Kingdom to charge you between £400 to £900 per week. Primarily, this price will vary based on your location. Other cost-influencing factors are duration of hire, ease of accessibility, and size of the conservatory.