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What is the difference between shoring and scaffolding

Scaffolding can be described as a temporary suspended or elevated work unit and its supporting structure that is used for both materials and workers. Shoring can be described as the vertical supporting members in a formwork system. Scaffolding is therefore not shoring and shoring is not scaffolding.

Describing the use of the platform can better help understand the difference between shoring and scaffolding. Will the platform is used for sporting the workers when working on high places such as ceilings or is it going to be there primarily as a part of the general formwork?

The main difference lies in the fact that scaffolding is used as a temporary work platform for a construction crew while shoring is a temporary support system designed to support a building undergoing construction work, maintenance, or repair.

shoring in construction

Advantages of shoring

The benefit of shoring is that it is an excellent way to minimise any potential further damage to a building and provide it with strength.

Temporary shoring also involves setting up walls or beams that can hold the structure in place hence it is safe to make repairs without all the unnecessary expenses.

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