Difference between tube & fitting scaffolding and system scaffold

The main difference between tube and fitting scaffolding & system is that system scaffolding comes in prefabricated. Even though it is more costly than Tube and fitting scaffolding, it is easier to assemble.

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On the other hand, tube and fitting scaffolding require nuts, clamps, and bolts to hold the tubes together when assembling. It is not prefabricated, making it slightly more challenging to assemble than system scaffolding. 

Tube and fitting scaffolding is the most common type of scaffold as it has been around for quite some time. 

How much is a hoarding license

A hoarding license costs £155 per month and you’ll also need to pay a similar amount for a one-month renewal. If you want to put up or renew the hoarding for three months, it will cost £210. From the above prices, you can see that the duration in which hoarding will be needed has a significant impact on the overall cost.

Whether it’s a domestic or commercial project, hoarding is put around the perimeter of the construction site to protect it from outside view and prevent authorised access. If you are to have hoarding or scaffolding on or next to a highway, you will need to get a hoarding license. Another requirement is having a public liability insurance cover with an indemnity limit of £5 million.

It’s advisable to apply for a hoarding license at least three working days before putting up the hoarding. This is because the license can take between three to 21 days for processing. You also need to pay £71 for site inspection if you want to put up hoarding. If you’re going to use any conveyor or skip, you should ensure that there’s hoarding around both to protect the public against any eventualities.

You should renew your hoarding license at least five days before your current license expires. Renewal will depend on factors such as any events or planned works in the area. If your license has been revoked, you’ll have to remove the hoarding immediately.

In a nutshell: System vs Tube and Fitting

System scaffoldingTube and fitting
It is a prefabricated scaffold that does not require nuts or bolts to tighten during assemblyIt requires nuts, clamps, and bolts to hold the tubes together when assembling
It’s more costly than tube and fittingIt’s an affordable option
It is easier to assembleIt’s slightly challenging to assemble because it’s not prefabricated