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Difference between system scaffolding and tube and fitting

 Also known as modular scaffolding, system scaffolding is a prefabricated scaffold that does not require nuts or bolts to tighten during assembly. System scaffolding is easier to assemble and takedown because of the latch mechanism

system Scaffold

The main difference between system scaffolding and tube and fitting is that system scaffolding comes in prefabricated. Even though it is more costly than Tube and fitting scaffolding, it is easier to assemble.

On the other hand, tube and fitting scaffolding require nuts, clamps, and bolts to hold the tubes together when assembling. It is not prefabricated, making it slightly more challenging to assemble than system scaffolding. 

Tube and fitting scaffolding is the most common type of scaffold as it has been around for quite some time. 

Advantages of System Scaffolding

One of the advantages of system scaffolding is the simplicity in handling it. This comes from erecting to dismantling once you are done. Despite the costs, it is worth it. 

System scaffolding comes prefabricated, meaning no extra tubes will be left lying around. Everything that comes is used in the scaffold structure. 

The modular design allows adjusting the scaffold structure to suit your current use more. This could be reducing heights, increasing height, or adjusting when working on staircases. 

Before settling on a scaffold, speaking to a professional who will guide you based on the need, project length, and even budget is crucial. 

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