5 Ways to repoint a chimney without scaffolding

When repointing a chimney, it’s crucial to consider your safety because you’ll be working at height. if you won’t be using a scaffold, there are other safe alternatives you can use for a safe working platform. Some of these alternatives include the following:

1. A cherry picker

Boom lift

Also known as a boom lift, you can easily hire a cherry picker for easy and safe access to the chimney from the ground. The boom lift provides a sturdy working platform and allows the builders to safely access the top of the chimney without the need to use scaffolding. To avoid any accidents while working, you should ensure that they’re operated by qualified personnel.

2. Using a ladder

A ladder is another alternative that you can use for your chimney repointing if you don’t have access o scaffolding. It’s advisable to use one that has a ladder stand-off. A stand-off is a device that’s attached to the top of the ladder and it provides a sturdy base for leaning the ladder against the chimney. It’s an ideal method especially if the chimney is not too high or if you only need access to the lower parts of the chimney.

3. Rope access

When it comes to using rope access for chimney repointing, it is recommended that it be used by people who are experienced working at heights and are conversant with the necessary safety procedures. The method involves using a harness and rope to suspend yourself from the roof and access the chimney from above.

Having trained people means they can work efficiently and safely at a height. With this method, there’s minimal damage to the surrounding area and it also takes a shorter duration to get the job done.

4. Use a mobile tower

Man working on a roof from scaffolding

Mobile towers are another effective alternative that you can use instead of traditional scaffolding. They are portable and easy to move around, making it easy to position them near the chimney for repointing. They are also available in different sizes and heights so you should ensure you choose the right one depending on the height of your chimney.

They require less labour to erect and dismantle and this makes them a cost-effective solution. Unlike traditional scaffolding, it takes a shorter duration to assemble a mobile tower. To minimise the risks involved when working at height, it’s advisable to ensure that whoever uses it and does the erecting and dismantling is well-trained and that they adhere to the safety regulations.

5. Mast climbing work platforms

Mast climber on tall building

Another alternative to consider is the use of mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs) which are more flexible and less costly because they require less labour and time to erect and dismantle. The mast supports the platform, which can be positioned near the chimney and it can also be adjusted to different heights depending on the chimney height.

The platform is sturdy enough to support workers and their tools. However, you should ensure that it’s operated by a skilled expert to avoid any accidents on site.